smartelectronix - AnalogDelay v1.0.1

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It consist in a delay unit followed by a 2nd order lowpass filter with saturation. The delay-time can evolve between 0 and max-delay which lets you be very accurate. You can also synchronise the delay to the tempo with different resolutions from 1/128 to 1 bar and control the way the delay-time is interpolated with the kind of interpolation and the time-constant.

ReleaseNotes (1.0.1):

* now every parameter is properly recalled when opening the GUI
* knob mode is relative linear (no more annoyings jumps when editing the GUI)
* sync button changes now properly updates the other value display and knob positions
* changing the max delay now doesn't changes the delay unless the delay is higher than max delay
* midi notes input no more changes the parameters

AnalogDelay is now Donationware i.e. you are free to decide yourself how much you want to pay for it, and when. The plugin is fully working but displays a nag screen when you (re)open the GUI.