Twisted Lemon - FFTfun Dynamic Delay v1.2 (free)

Dynamic FFT delay.
Note: This plugin is updated to version 1.2 since 9-dec-2005.
Please redownload in case you have an older version.

Do things with the FFT algorithm which it isn't designed for..... and have some fun. :D
I made this plugin with the 'FFTReal realtime wrapper' from Jaap Westerop. Working together at the HKU in a Music Technology Masters group
The 'Dynamic FFT delay is the first of the FFTfun range.

Download & Installation:
Download the zipfile in the download section of this site.
Unzip the dll file into your VSTplugin folder. And start up your VST host!

The are 6 knobs represent:

The delay. This works like any other allpass delay.
1. Delay (maximum delay 4,64 seconds)
2. Feedback (mix the output back into the input)

Modulate the delaytime with freqency and amplitude settings
3. Modulation freq
4. Modulation amplitude

5. FFT bin delay
The modulation which you set with knob 3 and 4 can be delayed per bin for every FFT. Starting with bin 0. With a maximum delay of 128 bins.

6. Dry/wet
Mix beteween the original signal and the effect.

Technical details
The delay is 32 bits interpolated per FFT (of 256 samples) and becauseof this it sounds very smooth.