AMG - ONE (Pc/Mac)

ONE Virtual Instrument with Core Library

HUGE LIBRARY - Over 3500 Loops - Tens of thosands of Hits - 312 Multis - 145 FX Presets - Over 4.5 Gigs of the finest samples

- 8 part MULTI-TIMBRAL Groove Activating Virtual Instrument. Each part comprising one loop channel, additional edit channel and 32 step-time parts so up to 272 fully programmable (16 groove-based, 256 step-time) loops in total, per instance!
- Includes MASSIVE FULLY DYNAMICALLY INDEXED 4.5+ gig PROFESSIONAL SAMPLE LIBRARY featuring over 3500 loops, plus an almost unlimited selection of single shot sounds and hits
- LOADS Propellerhead Recycle™ REX and REX2 files & ACIDized® loops plus WAV and Aif Files so you can use your own samples too!
- Hugely POWERFUL SAMPLE BROWSER with user definable filters to quickly and easily find the sounds you want the way you want to! Never waste time finding your beats again!
- INSTANT CONTROL - Loops automatically sync to host tempo with single-key trigger, loop slices can be individually triggered or MIDI data exported to edit in your host sequencer for total flexibility
- FULL BEAT EDITING - remove, mute, reverse, substitute or export any hit from within a groove! Nudge single hits or groups around, edit every hit or place controls assignable over MIDI on a note or groups of notes for amazing results - all in real time too! Great for interactive beat building or even live applications! When we say complete beat control we really mean it!
- STEP-TIME SEQUENCER - TR-Style Step Sequencer with 32 slots you can load with your own samples or any hit from any loop in this library
- Complete control & Powerful processing options - Powerful resonant multi-mode filter, 4 64 bit FX processors, all parameters controllable via user-assigned MIDI controller data
- Loads of SMART FEATURES - that mean low CPU use and ease of use, this baby is very low maintence and easy-to-use
- SCALABLE CREATIVITY! - great results with very little input, but put in time creating your own edits and get paid back in spades - this is an instrument you can get really deep into!
- Can be used directly inside any VST2 or Audio Unit compliant host sequencer program, a standalone version is also due soon

- Windows, PIII 1ghz processor, 512mb RAM, 16bit sound card
- MacOS OS-X 10.3.9 or better, 800 MHz G4/G5, 512mb RAM
- VST2 plug-in compatible host program

- Simply request a 10% discount in the additional info box when you place your order, discount will be refunded after purchase at full price
- Only available during February 2006 so hurry!

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So why choose ONE?

ONE for simplicity
ONE doesn't give you hundreds of options you really never need. ONE encapsulates all the best thinking and technologies out there to make the dream loop player not only powerful but easy to use. You control what you want the loops to do and how you want them to sound and if you want to really get down to nuts and bolts you simply turn off the loop, export the MIDI file and do whatever you want to the data in your sequencer. We could easily have 'created' our own technologies by dressing things up or customising content to perform amazing 'tricks' that prove absolutely nothing at the end of the day. The most amazing thing about ONE is the music you will create with it.

ONE for functionality
All the amazing feats some other virtual instruments perform all have a price. Their design is unnecessarily complex, they're unstable to use and eat RAM like there's no tomorrow. ONE is simple, powerful, and undemanding on your computer because it's based on solid, established technologies you're not going to be beta testing our supposedly clever ideas for us.

ONE for musicality
When it comes to loops AMG is the undisputed king. No other producer has the same pedigree and reputation for authenticity and consistent quality. At AMG you'll find not only live drums loops from some of the World's greatest drummers but also peerless percussion loops, programmed beats, hip hop, funk, dance, drum&bass, the list is almost endless. More importantly the quality is always top-notch too. No one needs more loops these days. Those sample producers who place more emphasis on quantity over quality have seen to that. Today having thousands of loops to choose from is more of a problem than a solution. These days people need to have the best and be able to find it quickly. ONE contains only the finest loops and has a customisable search engine so you can decide how you search so you find what you're looking for quicker and what you find has the quality you were looking for too. ONE offers a unique combination of power and simplicity and an interface that works with and for you and you alone.

ONE by AMG will offer you not only the finest new samples but also expandability, complete control and an extremely intuitive user interface. ONE will evolve as you want it to and become unique to you, a vital resource seamlessly integrating into the creative process and growing with you.

AMG is certainly not the best known sample developer in the World these days, but the people who do know about AMG know our library stands comparison with any other out there. We have a huge and growing catalogue. Each Cd is unique, AMG doesn't get involved in the artistic process at all it's all about the CD's producer. A few CDs might have benefitted from a more 'hands on' approach but generally giving the producer full artistic licence pays dividends in spades. We have more 'five star' libraries than any other producer spread over more than 15 years in the business and more diversity than you'll find from anyone else. In general however our speciality is loops, we have a few other titles we're proud of but our greatest strength is our loop library.

We aren't under any illusions that the task building a 'vehicle' worthy of our content and customers is going to be easy. However we fully intend to apply the same standards we demand of our sample library in this endeavour and believe this will ultimately ensure the desired result. We might well have the best specified plug-in when it's released but we already know things we want to add to future updates and will be looking for input from our users so we can add the features you want too. We intend to start with technology that matches the best out there and will stay shoulder to shoulder with the leading developers in the years to come. Our primary goal is for ONE to evolve over time and become almost 'invisible' - we firmly believe it's the sounds that are of greatest importance, we want ONE to deliver them to you and let you control what you hear without thinking about it, by 'magic'.