Moppel - Miffi v1.0 (free)

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Miffi employs a variant of DSF synthesis which uses complex number arithmetic to generate comb filtered stereo signals. By morphing between two DSF parameter sets, Miffi is capable of synthesizing a wide variety of sounds and effects.

I created Miffi, which is a derivative of Moppeltron, using Synthedit. It doesn't use native Synthedit oscillators but a complex number processing DSF oscillator which I coded in C++.

* Stereo output of comb filtered signals with one-sided or two-sided spectra.
* A morphing unit allowing static mixes of two DSF parameter sets as well as dynamic warping between two sets using an ADSR envelope or an LFO.
* Freely selectable polyphony with up to 16 voices. Note sliding. Adjustable pitch bend range.
* ADSR envelope and a gain for volume control. Embedded piano keyboard control.
* MIDI control of all parameters. Easy MIDI-CC assignment by MIDI learn function.
* 64 presets.