NuGen Audio - Monofilter v2.0

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From the homepage:
Now updated to version 2.0, Monofilter comes loaded with new professional features. Designed to provide a comprehensive interface for narrowing a stereo signal towards (or to) mono below a specified frequency.

Useful for ensuring that sounds are suitable for mastering to vinyl and keeping a check on LF signals in general, especially where stereo effects processing has been applied. Can also be used in live Laptop applications to make sure you get the tightest bass.

Features Include: Large frequency control with display / Stereo Balance / Clip Meter. New in 2.0: Volume Trim / Expanding Interface / Sound Visualization / Stereo Width / Multiple listen and output options.

Continuing with our policy of giving back into the community, we update our free version
Monofilter LT with a volume trim control. Both versions available in the same download.