Sony ACID Pro 6

The One and Only ACID Pro
When it debuted in 1998, ACID Pro software launched a revolution
in music creation. By offering a straightforward interface and easy
‘pick, paint, and play’ functionality, it was the first loop-based
music creation application to put professional studio composition
and editing power in the hands of producers at every level of
expertise. The tradition of innovation continues with version 6.
ACID Pro 6 software is the ideal environment for composition,
recording, mixing, and production. Its unique fusion of
professional power and exceptional ease of use sets ACID Pro 6
software apart from all other digital audio workstations. With
multitrack audio technologies, comprehensive MIDI sequencing,
and legendary ACID looping functionality, ACID Pro 6 software will
redefine the way you make music.

The standard for loop-based music
ACID Pro 6 software is the ideal music composition and production tool for
original music creation. With features such as unlimited tracks for audio and
MIDI events, real-time pitch and tempo matching, automatic loop preview and
real-time event reverse, ACID Pro 6 software has the features you need for truly
professional results.
Includes over 1,000 loops
ACID Pro 6 software includes over 1,000 royalty-free Sony® Sound Series™
loops in many genres, each embedded with our signature pitch-shifting and
time-stretching metadata for the smoothest possible performance. This huge
assortment of professionally recorded samples will have you creating your own
original music in minutes.
Work smarter wi th Media Ma nager
The ACID Pro Media Manager tool is a powerful way to tag, organize, and search
your collection of media so you can quickly find loops on your hard-drive or even
within the entire Sony Sound Series collection of loops and samples. The Media
Manager feature maintains a database of your media, including file attributes,
ACID metadata, and tags that you can assign to classify your media.
Patent-pendi ng quantization technology
Transform loops and MIDI tracks into fresh, new sounds with our exclusive
Groove Mapping™ and Groove Cloning™ quantization tools. Change the groove of
a track, apply different grooves to the same track, extract a groove from one file
and apply it to another, or even create custom grooves.

Professional multitrac k recordi ng
Perfect for live or studio recording, ACID Pro 6 software lets you arm multiple
audio tracks, choose track input routing, record into selected events, select from
multiple takes, and punch in and out on the fly.
Superior mixing and edi ting
From basic song creation to complex video scoring, ACID Pro 6 software has
the mixing and editing features to get the job done. Save screen real estate
by placing multiple media events on one track—automatic crossfades tie it all
together. Nest several tracks and apply edits to the entire group to save time.
Eff ects and soft synths
ACID Pro 6 software supports ReWire and VST plug-ins, and includes more than
20 built-in DirectX® audio effects. Use VST soft synths with multiple output ports
and individually mute, solo, add effects to, and adjust volume for each soft synth
bus control.
5.1 surround mixing
Set up and mix 5.1 channel surround project files for audio and DVD productions.
The convenient Surround Panner dialog gives precise control over channel
positions. Use keyframes to automate your 5.1 mix on the timeline. Film-style
surround panning lets you optimize your projects for theater-style speaker
placement and playback.
External control surfac e supp ort
ACID Pro 6 software natively supports the Mackie® Control Universal and allows
custom mapping of up to five generic control surfaces. Perform hands-on mixing
using external hardware with ACID Pro 6 software. Send and receive commands
to compatible outboard devices (to control record, transport, envelopes, faders,
mutes, solos, pans, and effects automation.)
ACID project sections
Easily create project sections so you can efficiently rearrange time-based
segments of audio and MIDI events across multiple tracks.

Comprehensive MIDI supp ort
ACID Pro 6 software gives you the ultimate control over MIDI events. All MIDI
note and controller data can be recorded and edited directly in the timeline
for maximum productivity. Easily paint MIDI notes in the timeline using a piano
roll or drum grid view. Audition MIDI notes and record musical themes using
an external MIDI controller or the track’s soft synth keyboard.
Inline MIDI edi ting
ACID Pro 6 software offers full-featured MIDI recording, editing, and sequencing.
MIDI patch changes can be manipulated via envelopes and keyframes on the
main timeline. Increase your productivity with easy-to-view inline note editing.
MIDI trac k envelopes and keyframes
All MIDI note data and controller data in your ACID Pro 6 project can be edited
using an easy, visual approach. Use track envelopes to modify modulation,
expression, or any other type of MIDI controller data.
MIDI fi ltering and processing
Perform destructive editing on MIDI events directly in the timeline. Velocity
and Quantization filtering lets you quantize data in events, edit velocity values,
change the duration of an event, or transpose MIDI data.
Drum Grid MO DE
ACID Pro 6 Drum Grid Mode provides you with an easy and intuitive way
to create and edit drum patterns directly on the timeline.
Drum AND PAtch map edi tors
Efficiently create or edit drum maps. Use templates to label patch and drum
names for hardware or software-based MIDI synthesizers and drum machines.
You can also save templates and share them with other ACID Pro 6 users.

Funda mentals
• Unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI
• Unlimited media clips per track
• Over 1,000 music loops
• 24-bit/192 kHz audio support
• Support for control surfaces including
the Mackie® Control Universal
• Dual/Multi-core processor support
• Alternate time signature support
• ASIO™ driver support
• Master, auxiliary, soft synth, and
effects bus tracks
• External monitor support
• Gracenote® CD album identification
• Integrated disc-at-once CD burning
• CD audio extraction
Mi xing and Edi ting
• Multitrack audio and MIDI recording
• On-the-fly punch-in recording
• Automatic crossfades
• Beatmapper™ remixing tool
• 5.1 surround mixing including
film-style panning mode
• Video scoring track
• Record input monitoring
• Nestable folder tracks
• Project sections for easy arranging
• Envelope automation recording
• Bus-to-bus routing
• Ripple editing across multiple tracks
• Volume and pan envelopes
• Tempo, time signature, key change
• Inline MIDI editing
• MIDI track envelopes and keyframes
• Drum grid editing mode with drum
key maps
• MIDI Piano Roll snap-to-scale filtering
• MIDI filtering and processing
• MIDI file export
• MIDI Piano Roll editing
• MIDI event list editing and step
• MIDI patch map editor
• Generate and trigger from MIDI
Time Code (MTC)
• Direct links to audio/MIDI editors
Audi o Eff ects
• ReWire support (mixer and device)
• VST effects support with
automation and tempo sync
• VSTi soft synth support
• VSTi parameter automation
• Groove quantization tools
• Audio Plug-In Manager
• DLS 1 & 2 soft synth support
• Over 20 DirectX audio effects
including automated and tempobased
• DirectX plug-in support
• Plug-in effect automation
• 32 assignable effect chains
• 26 effect busses
• Effects bus tracks