SpeedSoft - VSampler v3.52 (Pc)

VSampler transforms your PC into a 255 voice polyphonic software sampler that is able to use any recorded sound as a musical instrument. It provides all of the classical sampler features in excellent sound quality, and also offers you a multitude of unique new opportunities. VSampler plays XXL instruments without being limited to the RAM size. In cooperation with the users of its award-winning predecessor an intelligent softwaresampler has been created, which beneath a truly transparent surface combines extensive editing abilities with simplest handling. Drag&drop actions and context menus (right mousekey) allow quick access to all functions and provide for a smooth workflow.

VSampler can operate either as a plug-in (VSTi, DXi) in your sequencer or as an independent program (ReWire, MIDI), it uses up to 32 separate audio outputs (ASIO, DirectSound). The included “virtual MIDI-cable” also connects VSampler to any MIDI-file player (check the GM soundset offer!) or classical MIDI sequencer.

VSampler loads instruments in the popular sampler formats SF2™, Gigastudio™, HALion™ 1 + 2, Kontakt™ 1.x, DLS, AKAI™ (S1000/S3000 CD and S5000/S6000 .AKP files) and E-MU™ III / IV CD. Furthermore VSampler loads LM4™ and Battery™ drumkits plus ReCycle™ (RCY, REX, RX2) and ACID™ drumloops. Your own Instruments are quickly created by dragging WAV or AIF Samples onto the on-screen keyboard.

VSamplers unique instrument preview allows you to test different sounds with a single mouse-click even during playback. Owners of an SB Live!™ / Audigy™ / X-Fi™ soundcard will be pleased that VSampler can also save files in the popular SF2 format.

VSampler's various tempo-synchronizable envelope types and LFO's, and its velocity sensitive filters ranging from subtle to aggressive are all inducive to sound editing. Instruments can be further refined using either the included effects (Reverb, Delay, Phaser, Distortion, EQ …) or any VST-plugin. The animation of all effect-, envelope- and filter-parameters in a mutual modulation matrix, creates instruments with extraordinary dynamics and impressive, realistic playability. The included presets for effects, envelopes and modulation will get you off to a good start.

Whether quick playback module for everyday use or creative tool with synthesizer qualities - VSampler fuses both in a versatile instrument.

VSampler 3.52 -
added: General MIDI 1 compatibility when "GM Mode" is enabled (Options --> MIDI Preferences --> Bank Options):

* Volume reset to 100 instead of 127 (GM mode only!)
* MIDI controller 11 (Expression) supported by default (GM mode only!)
* MIDI controller 7 (Volume) follows logarithmic instead of linear curve (GM mode only!)
* the "MIDI Panic" button (see screenshot) now does a full GM reset incl. instruments reset when in GM mode: MIDI channel 10 to standard drumkit, the other channels to Piano
* to reset controllers and instruments, be sure to click the "MIDI Panic" button before you play the next song

Please note: all those changes only apply to GM mode to not become incompatible with your existing non-GM projects (we'll have a better backward-compatible solution in VSampler 4)

fixed: wrong handling of "Reset All Controllers" MIDI message:

* no reset for Volume (#7) and Pan (#10) anymore as suggested by the MMA, if you want to manually reset Volume and Pan click at the little red "MIDI Panic" button in the upper right corner of VSampler (see screenshot above)
* Expression (#11) was initialized with the generic value "0" instead of the Volume-like value "127", which made it impossible to add your own Expression handling at VSamplers "Mod" page because initial value "0" means silence (as long as no Expression value was received, e.g. after loading your library)

Please note:
In order to stay compatible to your existing VSampler projects, there's still no automatic Expression handling outside of GM mode, but you're free to use the Expression controller for custom Volume modulations. The typical Expression modulation works this way:
o go to the "Mod" page, click right mousekey, select "Instrument Options" and as the 1st User Controller choose "Expression Coarse" (screenshot)
o activate a free modulation slot and select "User Controller 1" as source, an available factor (value "1") as factor and "Zone Volume" as target (screenshot)
o for extended dynamics change the curve type to logarithmic by changing the modulation details (click at the mini-button at the end of your modulation slot): click at the "Curve" button (screenshot) and select the "SoftHAL" preset
o to have this modulation available for other instruments you should save it as Mod Template, but don't forget to change their instrument options (User Controller 1 = "Expression Coarse") before you apply the template

fixed: Ogg Vorbis export (menu File --> Archive --> embedded samples compressed) produced empty samples sometimes