SynthMaker v0.9.5h

SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.

You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

From the homepage:
"Happy New Year to you all."

"Thanks to everyone who has helped us throughout 2005, we really do appreciate your support. We're looking forward to an exciting 2006 and to get the ball rolling we have a new release."

"We've started looking at performance issues and the results of our first set of improvements form the bulk of the work for 0.9.5h. Memory usage should be reduced by up to two thirds in most schematics. Cpu has also been noticeably reduced for interactive elements. Moving the mouse over a front panel no longer produces a huge cpu spike. Moving knobs is also much tighter on cpu usage."


* Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging certain modules to the toolbox.
* There was a limit of 256 links per schematic which was causing save and load errors. The limit has been increased to 65536.
* Memory usage for a link has been reduced particularly in the case of straight links with no control points.
* Properties are now created on demand reducing memory usage in some schematics by two thirds.
* Optimisation of the redraw mechanism which reduces CPU usage in interactive modules.
* Streamlined the capture mechanism used by the drag accumulate components reducing CPU usage further.
* MGUI now blocks mouse move messages (but not drag mouse move) by default, reducing CPU usage as the mouse passes over a front panel.
* During GUI element redraws some superfluous drawing was being done, this has now been removed.
* New Unsync option for removing synchronization for selected modules.
* New schematic statistics option for checking the size of a schematic (under the File menu).
* Fixed a crash that was occurring when using ASIO with a device that has more than 16 outputs.
* Updated the Parametric EQ so it now has built in preset support.