Alphakanal - Automat v0.3.9 (Mac/Universal/Free)

Automat is the logical next step after Buzzer2. Take all the nice things from Buzzer2, add antialiased Oscilators, a new filter, a flexible modulation engine and a new GUI (which provides enough room for future extentions) and you've got a new toy to make even more serious noiZe.


* subtractive synthesis
* antialiased oscillators with hard-sync
* filters and amplifier with ADSR
* modulators with tempo sync
* waveshaper / eq
* stereo-delay with filter and tempo sync
* modulated spatial effect
* poly-, unisono and legato-mode
* random preset generation
* midi learn


>> Automat v.0.3.9ub Release date: 04.02.06 (707kB)

* universal binary

>> Automat v.0.3.9 Release date: 22.01.06 (440kB)

* added a very simple wavetable oscillator ("Wave Land" preset)
* added ring-modulation
* added "static" mode to chorus to enable a comb filter efx
* coming soon: unison mode, voice-stealing, granular synthesis, real wavetable oscillator :-)