Boxsounds - Replacer v1.0 (Pc/Free)

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"Replacer" is a VST plug-in designed to replace drum and percussive sounds with other samples. Basically, it is comprised of a band-pass filter which selects the relevant frequency of the sound required to be replaced, and then the peak amplitudes at this frequency then trigger chosen sample/s. The samples can be 16 or 24-bit PCM Wave files recorded at any sample rate.


* 24dB band-pass filter
* Simple gate
* Visual and audio monitoring section
* 4 sample layers (full version)
* Sample start and end adjustment
* Accent amount and smooth (attempts to replicate the dynamics of the original trigger sound)
* Sample ADR envelope with amount control
* Sample pitch control

replacer ltd (limited) is the free version of replacer. It is limited to one layer (sample) per instance.