Dramatic Software - F8 Filter v1.0 (Mac/Universal)

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Introducing the F8 Audio Unit. Paint a soundscape with sweeping pulsing
strokes colored by a palette of 8 rich filters.

The F8 Audio Unit
Requires OS X Tiger. $35.00 US
F8 has eight independent filters. Each filter has its own LFO. The filters can be set to be either "Lowpass," "Bandpass," or "Highpass" independently. Each filter has a resonance and cut-off frequency parameter. The LFO applies to the cut-off frequency of the filter. The rate, phase, and depth can be set independently for each filter. This allows for some pretty complex effects. Note that the resonance of the filters (Q) can be driven into self-oscillation. It can make things loud (and fun).

F8 works by copying the input audio into eight independent streams. The filters are applied to these eight streams, one filter per stream. Then the eight streams are mixed back into one by the corresponding sequence section for each filter. Essentially, the sequence section can be viewed as a time varying mixer. Finally, the Mix section has overall output level control and a wet/dry control. There is a checkbox control for selecting whether or not the tempo of the F8 syncs to the hosts tempo. If your host doesn't support tempo, the tempo of the F8 can still be set using the BPM control.

Please note that while F8 is in demo mode, that there will be periodic intervals of silence.