Elevayta VST Rak (Pc/Free)

Elevayta VST Rak is a FREE digital audio processing VST host for exclusive use with licensed Elevayta plug-ins. Ideal in combination with Extra Boy Pro, Elevayta VST Rak allows you to load a .wav file, play and process the audio through up to 4 chained Elevayta VST plug-ins and record the result to disc. The perfect solution for those wishing to use Extra Boy Pro as a stand-alone audio processing application.

Elevayta VST Rak processes audio at the original digital resolution defined by the input .wav file.

Note: Elevayta VST Rak supports the following VST plug-ins:

* Elevayta Extra Boy Pro
* Elevayta Wider Boy Pro
* Elevayta Convo Boy
* Elevayta FreEq Boy
* Elevayta Stream Boy
* Elevayta Choir Boy


* Loads up to 4 licensed Elevayta VST plug-ins enabling chained processing.
* Plug-in processing order can be easily customized using drag and drop of Raks.
* Easily enable/disable individual Raks from multiple locations within the UI.
* Master volume and balance.
* Button for bypass of VST processing.
* Button for mute of audio output.
* Rak settings preserved between sessions.
* Drag and drop loading of audio files, VST plug-ins and preset banks.
* Link multiple instances using Elevayta Stream Boy.
* Selectable audio output device.
* Simple and intuitive user interface.
* Processes and records from and to .wav format files.

System Requirements

* Windows 98 or any later Windows OS.
* About 1 MB of harddisk space.
* 1+ GHz processor.
* Audio application supporting VST plug-ins.