Extreme Sample Converter v3.0.1 (Pc)

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* Added: Akai Z4,Z8 stereo sample export.
* Added: Remembering last explorer's path used.
* Added: Sfz, "default_path" parameter import.
* Added: Voyetra RPAS audio file import.
* Added: Batch directory, wave convert (Right click on selected dir/sample opens a context menu).
* Fixed: Sample naming in conversion with VSTi Converter (filename + key + velocity).
* Fixed: Kontakt 2 import issues.
* Fixed: Kontakt conversion, retrigger on.
* Fixed: ProteusX, EmulatorX import issues.
* Fixed: Showing crossfade in both channels of stereo sample.
* Fixed: SampleTank -> Giga conversion, low octave and shifted notes.
* Fixed: Sfz conversion, divide by zero error.
* Fixed: Batch conversion of different file formats hangs application.

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What is Extreme Sample Converter ?

Extreme Sample Converter is a multifunctional audio program, browser, player, and program editor with advanced conversion between different sample formats.

Main Features:


- you can split converter into two functional windows. Thanx to this you can easily work on two monitors.


- you can send samples to external audio editor and convert them into another format.

- software takes all changes from audio editor (trimming, resampling, filtering whatever you did) and then you can save these new samples into destination format.


- now it is possible to set accurate and perfect looping in sample material.

- stereo samples can be tuned together so you can set different loop in the left and right channel and then use XFade.


- with this option, the program becomes an excellent audio editor, allowing free looping while creating new loops.

- editing of the loop is possible separately for the left and right channel whereby very interesting and unique effects can be produced. Not all formats accept this kind of loop editing. e. g. SampleTank and, in general, GigaSampler/Studio don't accept these loops.

- loops can be shown even in sizes above 1:1, making it easy to analyze and locate the best point for starting and ending of the loop, and finding the best phase.

- during displacement of the loop, crackling in the sample playback is not heard, a problem which might otherwise be found disturbing. The program changes the beginning and the end loop points to assure the continuity of playback of the sample.


- you can listen and play sounds before you will make a final conversion by using new module DirectX Synthesizer,

- this works with all audio cards and it only requires DirectX 8.0 or higher, The low latency let's you play sounds in live (16-bit/44.1kHz quality and 64 voices supported).

- also it's possible to hear result after patch editing in QEdit tool.

- Sound Blaster card's users can use the second way of auditioning by using Sound Blaster Synthesizer. It immediately connects Exsc with the wavetable synthesizer of the card. After choosing patch, it will be loaded to the synthesizer of the card and one can immediately audition ex. EMU, Akai CD before conversion. If any patch is edited, it is possible to hear how it sounds. Also, it's possible, to hear final sounds like Soundfonts. In such case the conversion to SoundFont format is executed on the fly.


- editor allows you edit many parameters: AHDSR envelopes, Filters, LFO's and other. It is now possible to improve or modify the desired timbre.

- the editor checks for the proper range of parameters to ensure compatibility with specific formats.

- working with the editor is extremely quick and makes it possible to edit parameter (eg. Filter, CutOff ) for selected parts of the keyboard, and of chosen dynamic ranges without having to arduously toy with layers and zones as with other editors.


- this tool allows copies to be made of media like ZIP, MO or CD to one image file on the disk as well as reproducing the data from one media to another depending on their size.

- hardware sampler users can make copies of ZIP or MO on CD. The CD's can then be used instead of slower ZIP or MO drives.

- the virtual disk (the image) is stored in compatible format with Nero or ISO9660 used by the most CD recorders.

- supported image formats: Nero, ISO, BIN, IMG.


- thanks to my complicated algorithms and sound conversion techniques, I can bravely say this program will make it easy to convert samples to another format with the most exact translation.

- close attention was given to the most important parameters of the program having effect on the final sound. There are different type envelope curves, filters and complex modulators.

- special attention was given to method of transfer from dimensions of GigaSampler into SoundFont layers and vice versa.


- by taking advantage of the program's intuitive presentation, the most important information about the sample structure ( ie. layers, zones, etc.) can be obtained. Also, the sample and it's components are presented in a clear manner.

- if you look through programs on an Akai CD, you can see how these parameters looked originally.

- the program reads only those parts of data which are required to be seen. It's a very fast method for browsing very large banks of GM or Akai data.


- this version supports not only basic audio formats as WAV or AIFF, but also compressed files in the Ogg Vorbis high-end technology. Decompression of the files is incredibly fast.

- audio file is kept in RAM memory. The playback of these file, as well as visualization, is done without disturbances from the disk system.

- the program uses a modern floating-point format ( IEEE 32-bit and 64-bit), making it possible to playback even on standard 16-bit multimedia sound cards.

- in case of audio files Exsc also will display and playback loops. Such options are surely not found on non-media players, so I assume that Exsc can possibly be used as a professional file player.

- you can choose between different standards (MME or DirectSound). Of course with DirectSound you can use low latency and between selection of the samples there are no clicks.


- retrieving files in the chosen format was not forgotten.

- it's possible to search for files in any directory, disk or CD. With this tool, nested directories on the disk can be scanned.

- batch conversions is possible, finding all files on your disk, mark them all, or select and convert them into another format.

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