H. G. Fortune - LaserBlade (Pc/ Free version available)

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# two digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 170 different waveforms
# each oscillators with Harm+ knob for enhancing the upper harmonic structure
# XTorsion with selectable modulation source
# one filter (24db Lowpass w. resonance)
# Filter-FM feedable from both oscillators seperately
# two ADSR-style envelope generators
# three LFO (one bpm-synced; one with 42 patternstyle waves, one with shapeable waves)
# Metallize section for more metallic timbres incl. two modulations
# bpm-synced Stereo-Delay

This synthesizer was started as successor to Swamp and is comprising features beyond that one.
Most prevailing are modulatable XTorsion, Filter FM (frequeny modulation of filter like
in the Sequential synths) and the Metallize section. Thus in most cases You will have no
difficulties in getting quite 'sharp' or digital sounds as well as a variaty of short
percussive Seq-sounds. But this is only one side of the blade's face as it can also
generate really soft, bell-like and a lot more fascinating sounds. If you are looking for a
synth being able to produce rather strange FX you'd check this one too.

Due to the three different types of LFO you can have a wide range of fascinating modulations,
esp. as LFO 1 is featuring 42 patternlike waveforms. Those used to modulate the filter will
provide a really vivid sound e.g. on Seq-types of sound too. The Pro Version will also have
switchable velocity to both ADSR EG and maybe a 'Lazy'-button.

You may be amazed how versatile and wide the range of sounds is within LaserBlade although it
shows a rather simple interface - it's the efficiency and partly unconventional interaction
of inbuilt functions providing this ;-)

The 8 voice version will be available for 25 Euro.
Free Version with 2 voices instead of 8.


  1. Anonymous05:02

    thanks voor deze music software

  2. Yep, you have a great software list!

    Unfortunately, the link to the LaserBlade is dead...

  3. Yeah unfortunately that software is gone forever...


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