KlangLabs - Glitch v1.1 (Pc/Free)

Glitch v1.1

MIDI triggered random delay FX


- MIDI = MIDI activity LED

- Fbk = Delay Feedback

- TIME = Set delay time region (off when MIDI button is on)

- "S" button under Time = Only equal time divisions (1/2 - 1/4 - 1/8 etc...) to make more synced patterns.

- MIDI Button = Let user to set the speed by MIDI keyboard note messages, useful to make time speed patterns.

- T/R = Delay time range of random values (off when MIDI button is "on")

- Filt = Low Pass Filter ammount

- LFO = ammount of LFO to Delay Time (to make wavy times)

- "S" button under LFO = Sync LFO to host BPM

- BPM Subdivision selector (do I need to explain this?)

- Fq = LFO Frequency

- MIX = Wet / Dry MIX


- Glitch sends a random delay time value on every MIDI note input so you basically grab a MIDI channel and sequence time changes. You can also specify the times by MIDI note number instead of a random value.

Glitch updated to v1.1

Fixed 99% of the clicks.