LiveSlice v1.3.5 (Pc)

This beat slicer can do much more than just slice your beats. You can load up to 64 wave files at a time, slice them up and combine the slices in the multitrack arranger.

Each slice is coloured based on the content so you can easily tell them apart - this makes manual rearranging a lot easier. If you find arranging beats in a piano roll / drum map a bit awkward at times, LiveSlice will definately change the way you make music.

With up to 256 slice on each loop liveslice is as much a granular synthesizer as a beat slicer. As you can also sequence notes you can do simple melodic arrangements too (bases and arps).

The real fun begins when you start using the graphical parameter sequencer. You can sequence amplitude, panning, attack, decay, release, pitch, probability and reverse for each slice just by drawing with the mouse creating anything from subtle variations to total chaos.

From v.1.3 LiveSlice has been able to record incoming audio. This can be used live to capture loops from real instruments and remix them instantly or in the studio to quicly record 1-32 bar loops from any instrument and gain instant access to the powerful and intuitive rearranging capabilities of the LiveSlice arranger.

LiveSlice has no internal effects - instead you can sequence midi CC's that can control for example your favourite filter plugin - load it as an insert effect and let LiveSlice control the cutoff frequency with different values for each slice.
liveslice_midirouting (6K)

This will work in all hosts that support midi routing between plugins - part of the VST2.0 standard. This includes Cubase, Ableton Live, Energy XT, Tracktion, Jeskola Buzz, and Fruity loops. The illustration to the left shows LiveSlice controlling the cutoff frequency of the excellent frohmage filter.

Additionally everything in liveslice can be controlled by midi. You can sequence playback as well as randomization of slices, arrangements and parameters. Why not connect an external LFO and let it control the pitch? The possibilities are endless. Several arrangements can be triggered simultaniously - great for layering arrangements.

LiveSlice is available as a VSTi for windows only. An OSX version is planned.

LiveSlice was originally written for the freeware jeskola buzz. This new VST version is a complete rewrite with tons of new features and much greater stability. LiveSlice for buzz is still available and quite popular. Although the buzz community is quite small LiveSlice has been downloaded more than 3500 times placing it among the top 3 downloads on since it's release.

* Automatic or manual slicing
* ACIDized loop import and export
* Multitrack sequencer with snap / quantize
* Host sync
* Audio recording - synced to the host - can be used as a realtime dicer / granulator
* Hi quality resampling using spline interpolation
* Low CPU usage
* Integrated loop browser with preview
* full MIDI control
* up to 32 tracks, 64 loops, 256 slices
* resizable gui, zoom in slicer
* up to 8 outputs with individual slice routing
* integrated loop browser with preview
* loads all uncompressed .wav formats
* supports any sample rate

System requirements

* Windows XP, 2000, NT or 98
* Anything faster than 500mhz will do, CPU is pretty low
* Memory requirements: Uses 4mb of memory + about a mb pr. loop (average)
* No P4 denormalization issues


The demo has the following limitations:

* When you reload a song all the loops are replaced by a demo loop (built into the plugin).
* The default loop path is not saved

This means you can use the demo to do a complete song as long as you use just the one loop. There are no silences or noises, no time limitations or lacking features.

Version history

1.35 (current)

new features / changes:

* Spline interpolation = better sound quality
* Zero dB line in slicer
* improved the grid / event display:
* gui opens faster
* Improved tolerance for erroneous wav files
* selecting a parameter now terminates the current shift+LMB selection
* shift+LMB selecting a slice deselects the current parameter to indicate that parameter values cannot be changed.
* the delete buttons now work as normal windows buttons (if you release the mouse outside the button, no action is taken


* display was not updated on end recording - fixed
* snap function now sets the pitch envelope value (within +- 1 octave), and is saved with the song
* freeze when randomizing two events bug fixed
* skipping slices in ACID / Directixer fixed
* the note divisions for the triplets are now correct
* sometimes slices were inserted at a wrong position - this has now been fixed.
* you can now disable the "include loops in songs and banks" feature
* Fixed problems with loading a large number of wave files
* grid snap values are restored correctly
* file browser now scrolls with the same speed regardless of the number of files in the current directory
* always delete the first loop bug fixed
* double triggering when changing arranger durations bug fixed
* skipping events when sequencer loop was shorter than liveslice loop bug fixed
* fixed a bug in the wave file preview code