Mackie - Tracktion v2.1.0.11 (Pc/Mac)

If you've tried other music production software on the market today and found it cumbersome, limited or just plain un-inspiring, you've come to the right place.


* Fixed record arming from custom control surfaces.
* Fixed empty clip appearing if recording stopped before end of count-in.
* Fixed crash when renaming ogg source file.
* Fixed crash when closing edit while solo isolate is blinking.
* Fixed “delete marked region” not deleting from rack filter automation.
* Fixed e-to-e stopped working after minimize and restore.
* Fixed delay in opening sub menus in filter menu.
* Added support for 16 channel custom control surfaces.
* Fixed transport buttons in localized versions.
* Fixed real time priority button.
* Fixed issue with loading aux send automation curves.
* Fixed issue with loading AIFF files.
* Fixed noise in AIFF import.
* Fixed issue with looped audio clips in archives.
* Fixed issue with big input meter.
* Fixed localization issues with the following keyboard control commands:
o Change to the next/previous take for a looped clip.
o Move start/end of selected clips to the cursor position.
o Move clip.

Tracktion is a revolutionary, easy-to-use music production application that contains everything most people will ever need to professionally record and mix music on a Mac or PC - without all the hassles and limitations of other audio software. Tracktion's hallmark is a clean, single-screen interface and streamlined operation, whether you're recording tracks, MIDI programming, or mixing down songs. It offers rock-solid operation, VST and ReWire support, and very low CPU usage with operating systems ranging from Mac OSX to Windows 2000 and XP. And it contains a whole host of professional features that you can actually use from day one.

Developed by programmer Julian Storer and Mackie, Tracktion 2 is a major step forward from the original version, adding more than 100 new features and updates, while still maintaining the core feature set that has made Tracktion a runaway success.


Clean, single-screen interface for easy recording, mixing and mastering

Full suite of name-brand plug-ins from IK Multimedia, Lin Plug, reFX, Bismark, Acuma Labs, Raw Materials and more

Unlimited track count (Depending on your computer's CPU)

Support for sample rates up to 192kHz

Importing and exporting of all major file types

Simple drag-and-drop audio editing

Track freezing for conserving CPU power

VST instrument and plug-in support

ReWire™ support for use with Reason™ software

Powerful MIDI programming and editing with step recording

Built-in Quicktime™ support

64-bit mix engine for superb sound quality

Built-in sampler

MIDI mapping for external controllers

MTC input/output, MIDI Clock output, and MMC send/receive

Powerful project management features


Windows 2000/XP

Pentium III (or better) processor


G4 (or better) recommended

OSX v10.3.9 (or higher)