Melody Assistant Version 7.1.9 (Pc/Mac/Free)

Melody Assistant is dedicated to music writing, printing and rendering.

Easy to use, Melody Assistant offers a user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities.

Now used by a very active community of thousands of people, it has become a favored tool for creating music.

Download and try it with no time limit.

The exhaustive list of Melody Assistant capabilities is too large to be described here in a few lines. Do not be mistaken by the unbelievably low price of this program: it is an extremely complete tool, the result of more than ten years of development.

A wide range of music symbols will enable to edit scores of great quality, including tablatures and Gregorian notation.

Score input can be performed through the mouse, computer keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard.

Melody Assistant comes with its own embedded software synthesizer (SoftSynth), which provides high quality output on basic sound cards, even without any external MIDI device, and includes hundreds of different instruments.

Melody Assistant can load and save in many formats (MIDI, WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG, TAB, ABC...).

Melody Assistant is dedicated to music writing, printing and rendering.
Small by its price, but large by its capabilities, Melody Assistant will amaze you.

It is both:

* A score editor with wide capabilities of notation
* A digital synthesizer, providing quality music rendering, even without expensive hardware
* A digital sound editor, to insert recorded instruments and digital audio tracks into your work.
* A tablature editor
* etc

Score editor

mode ruban
Melody manages a wide range of music symbols, and above all takes account for you to hear them as well.

Thus, grace notes, glissando, trills, mordants, vibrato, pedal, ottava, dynamics, etc, are played.

A powerful editor lets you insert, delete and move notes easily on staves.

Digital synthesizer

A complete digital instrument sound database is included to Melody, which provides a very good quality of sound to playback your music,, even if you do not own professional hardware.

Very elaborate digital effects (Reverb, Chorus, Distortion, Wah...) can be applied at any location on score.


You can limit access to your document by a password, and doing so protect your work. For example, your score can be played but not modified.
When working on a file, its different versions can be kept on your hard disk so that you can cancel your changes in case of mistake.

Quick start

Many document templates, covering the most usual needs, are provided. You can also define your own templates.
Digital sound editor

digital edit
It is possible to record your own sounds from a CD or a microphone (or to import a sound in WAV or AIFF format), and use them as instruments in your tune.

You can also record complete digital tracks from a CD or a microphone (or import a sound in WAV, AIFF, OGG or MP3 format), then work on it using the software. These digital tracks can be mixed with regular or MIDI staves.

Compatibility with other programs

Your tune files can be played either on PC or Macintosh, since Melody exists on both platforms.
Melody enables also to import and export music in MIDI, Rich Midi, ABC,TAB,KAR format as well as in digital audio formats like AIFF, WAV,Vorbis Ogg or MP3.
Scores can be used in word processors, picture editors or publication software through the PICT, BMP or EPS export.
Melody can also read MOD and S3M files.
For example, you can then convert easily a MIDI file to MP3.


KaraokeYou can add lyrics to your tune, then play it in Karaoke mode: words scroll while you are singing.
Of course, Melody imports and exports in MIDI Karaoke format (.KAR).
Melody manages karaokes with several sung voices, ideal for choirs.
You can also record a complete piece from a CD, then soften the singer's voice and sing in place of him.
"Shape note" notation is also managed.

Using Virtual Singer, lyrics will even be automatically sung.

Real-time MIDI input

If you own a MIDI keyboard, you can perform real-time MIDI input. Above this, because Melody Assistant also manages digital tracks, you can record at the same time a digital audio track. You can then record your voice with the microphone while you play on keyboard.


Guitarists, bassists and harmonicists haven't been forgotten: Melody calculates tablatures and displays the guitar chord diagrams. You can even define your own stringed instrument and calculate tablatures for it!
Melody Assistant can also compute tablatures for all fretted string instruments (Banjo, Balalaïka, Ukulele ...) but also for Harmonica, Appalachian Dulcimer and Baroque Lute.
A complete library of chord diagrams is included in Melody. You can complete this library by defining easily your own chords.

Graphics and colors

Pictures, in black and white or color (in BMP or PICT format) can be inserted at any point on score.
All music symbols can be colorized, globally or individually, in order to enhance the attractiveness of your document.
For example, you can set all "C" to blue, and "D" to green... Useful if you're learning musical notation.

You can drop texts and comments where you want on the score, and define your own background patterns.


Printing is widely user-definable. You can define what staves you want to be printed or not, whether you want the ruler, tune name, or the complete lyrics below the score.
You can also print the complete sorted list of guitar chord diagrams to make a very useful customized handbook.

And many other features

System requirements
Melody Assistant runs on Macintosh (Mac OS 8.6 to Mac OS X) and Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, NT4 or XP).

The program is Multi language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

Melody Assistant is a shareware program, which means you can use it for free, with no limit in time, and pay a fee (US$ 20 or 20 euros), only if it matches your expectations.
Updates are free of charge for all the versions to come.
Limits of the unregistered versions are: no clef or time signature change, export limited to a few seconds, watermark on printed pages.
Like drum staff editing (grid or standard), multi-voice staves, multi-instrument staves, floating palettes, user-defined palettes, Gregorian notation, video tutorials...


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    I've been attempting to work with this program for about a week. "User-friendly" is a lie--whoever designed the controls should be beaten. I find the tools and overall layout to be extremely inconvenient and counter-intuitive. However, the features and instruments are pretty good (piano is a bit weak, but I like the Gregorian choir, and it's great to have an in-program mixer). I think that once I get used to the poorly planned control scheme, I will come to like this program more.

    P.S. -- I'm using the free version. A better control scheme was not promised in the paid version, and for now I can get along without the extra features that are included.

  3. Ok. Thanks for the information.
    Always good to hear from someone actually using the program.

  4. Anonymous00:55

    can i use it for any kind of music style? i mean any kins of music from mozart to metallica? (classic-metal)??????

  5. Gracias por el dato... excelente.


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