MHC - Ambient Keys v1.5 (Pc/Mac)

Ambient Keys is a synthesizer which produces dreamy sounds, either beautiful or just strange. Lush pads, interesting leads which sound almost organic or wonderful sound effects - these are the type of sounds which you may play using Ambient Keys. A whopping 1024 presets are included.

The synth is available as a VST plugin for Windows and as an Audio Unit for Mac OS X (compatible with software, such as Logic, Garage Band, Digital Performer etc).

Current version on Windows is 1.5 and on Mac OS X 1.0. Version 1.5 for Mac OS X is scheduled for release in late February or early March. If you buy version 1.0 now, then you'll receive a free update to version 1.5 when it's released. The image below shows version 1.5.

Ambient Keys was tailor made for sounds which sound beautiful or strange but nevertheless good and interesting. They are full of tension and drama and they're suitable for those who are looking for sounds they've never heard before.

Basically the synth follows the same tradition as their popular Space Synthesizer, but unlike the Space Synthesizer which features an evolving wave oscillator, Ambient Keys plays hundreds of ambient waveforms/samples and processes these using the plug-in's powerful synth engine and its advanced effects processor, which has 133 (!!!) different effect modes, including our unique crossfading effects.

Ambient Keys includes a number of electronic drum kits, bass sounds, noise and mechanical sounds etc and not just pads. However, they all have an ambient character. They're different. Not the stuff you're used too.

These sounds are unusual, swirling, fat, lush, fantazy sounds, which sound almost organic. They'll definitely work as a source for inspiration when you need new ideas.


* New GUI.
* The drop down menus have got increment/decrement buttons.
* Fixed a couple of bugs.
* Tested in more hosts, including Chainer and Cakewalk's VST-DX adapter.
* The manual has been extended with around 20 pages.