Mobius v1.21 (Free/Pc)

Mobius is a program for the real-time creation and manipulation of audio loops. It has functionality based on the venerable Echoplex Digital Pro with Loop IV software. It is not a complete emulation, but it does implement many of the Loop IV features, as well as a number of useful new features. Mobius is essentially 8 synchronized stereo EDP's with the ability to copy loops and timing between them. Extensive MIDI and computer keyboard control is available. Audio content may be saved to and loaded from files.

Mobius is free, though I do request that you report any problems you encounter and offer suggestions for new features you think would be useful. It is a Windows program developed under XP and may be run standalone or as a VST plugin. It will run on 2000 and NT, but will not run on 95 or 98. While everyone is welcome to try it, for best results you should already be familiar with looping in general, and with the EDP in particular. I am unable to provide comprehensive documentation at this time, but if you are familiar with the EDP you should be able to find your way around.

New feature:

* The "Save Audio Recording" function now saves files with names of the form "recordingx.wav" where "x" is a number to qualify the file name. This allows you to save several recordings to unique file names.

Bugs fixed:

* Suddenly resetting loop when starting Multiply in some cases.
* Removed generation of debugging files in a few case that could have caused audible clicks.