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NEOkILLER X2 builds on the great features and sounds of previous incarnations of NOVAkILL's favourite little killer. New features include a new SV Filter set-up with an X-Y Pad for mixing between Low Pass. High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject filter modes. It also has comprehensive MONO Mode support, an all-new Unision set-up provided by Chris Kerry, a new look Mod Matrix with 13 Mod Sources and 15 Destinations, as well as an updated GATE and new control types.


* 2 x Oscillators with 4 waveforms plus a Noise oscillator.
* Multi-Mode Filter with an X-Y Pad to mix the output of each mode [Low/High/Band Pass and Band Reject].
* 6-stage Mod Envelope with selectable Decay slope.
* 2 x Tempo-synced LFO.
* New style Mod Matrix with 13 Mod sources and 15 destinations.
* Comprehensive VCA section.
* Expanded 32 step Gate effect.
* Distortion effect.