NOVUZEIT - Iridesynth v1.0 (Pc)

Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Iridesynth is a fully stereo virtual analog subtractive synthesizer.
It is designed to provide entertainingly unique tones with fast and simple programming.
Getting fantastic sounds from this synth is a breeze thanks to its sensible no fluff layout.

Iridesynth is capable of strong classic analog sounds, retro vintage videogame arpeggios, and other useful traditional tones. However, thanks to Iridesynth's diverse synthesis engine, this synth can provide futuristic unheard of sounds as well. Features like Additive Feedback Harmonics, self-modulating LFO parameters, multiple ADSRs, and seven range octave support are just the beginning of what Iridesynth's waveform generators have to offer.

Beyond it's waveform generation, Iridesynth's Global FX section is extremely powerful. The user will find great effects such as bit reduction, stereo flanging, microdelay, stereo reverb, and even psychomodulation, an effect only NOVUZEIT synthesizers offer. There are eight highly configurable effects in all, each with two configurable parameters.

Last but certainly not least, Iridesynth has a unique feature you won't find on any other synthesizer, hard or soft. Iridesynth's GUI allows realtime manipulation of its interface's color scheme. Don't like the colors? Change them instantly to whatever color scheme you want without having to edit a single .INI file. Like your color scheme? Save it in an .FXP file. Or simply turn on the auto color cycle system and have a psychelic experience. The GUI system is easy, simple, and fun, and lets Iridesynth live up to its namesake.

Iridesynth is quite simply a little workhorse synth for everyday use. NOVUZEIT is sure that before long, from classic sounds to futuristic tones, Iridesynth will be the synth you find yourself grabbing again and again from your VST folder. No where else will you find such high value and usability for so little programming and so little price!