NOVUZEIT - PropheSea v1.0 (Pc)

Subtractive Vector Hybrid Synthesizer

PropheSea is a fully stereo subtractive vector hybrid electronic instrument.
It is designed to give users the power to create sounds they may have never thought possible.

PropheSea differs from traditional vector synthesizers in that its waveforms are generated in -real time-
through subtractive synthesis, rather than being culled from prerendered ROM wave selection tables.
This vector synthesizer is no ROMpler in disguise, PropheSea truly synthesizes its waveforms from scratch!

The realtime waveform generators support a huge variety of internal manipulation. They're so uniquely configurable that PropheSea is basically a collaborative effort of four independent synthesizers unified under one hood.
This allows PropheSea's waveform generation to harbor unprecedented tonal creation.

PropheSea's sound creation ability does not end with its waveform generators however. PropheSea also has multiple LFOs, Additive Harmonic Feedback support, and a vastly fantastic global FX section for mutating and sweetening your sound to sheer perfection, but that's not all...

Last but absolutely not least, PropheSea's Dynamic Vector Control allows users to morph between the four waveform generators via their own hand, or through the use of computer automated vector sweeping. Thanks to Dynamic Vector Control, unlike traditional vector synthesizers, morphing the waveform generators together within PropheSea is not only easy, but is actually fun.

PropheSea allows immense programming depth for those who love to get lost in programming massively complex patches. Yet, at the same time, PropheSea also allows easy and quick patching by simply focusing on using only one waveform generator.