Polyrythmic - A-Kit v1.4 (Pc/Mac)

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A-Kit is a set of 7 plugins (plus a registration plugin). There are VST, RTAS et AU compatible. They need 44,1 kHz sessions.
These modules, drived by MIDI tracks, produce the sounds of a drum set. They react to the instructions of velocities and of attacks (driven by the velocity and the pitchbend MIDI parameters). They are able to add modulations to velocities and attacks' instructions thanks to their "velocity deviation" and "attack deviation" parameters.
You can save all their settings in standard plugin’s presets.


A 44,1 khz sampler is incorporated in each module of a-kit. Thanks to a large number of polyphony voices, you get a more realistic sound with long resonance instruments, such as cymbals and toms. You get also snare drum's rollings on fast tempoes. The total sound bank contains 45 mo of samples, reaching 40 samples an instrument (for snare drum i.e.). So you come closer to sound diversity of real instruments.
Try the followings: enter a boring MIDI track to drive one of these plugins, and set velocity and attack parameters to "alive"...
Try more: as each module of a-kit comes in its specific audio track, add filters, compressors and effects individually to make your own sounds...


Mac OS 10.2 and later - PowerMac G4 400 Mhz with 512 mo RAM - a host sequencer that supports RTAS, VST or Audio Units plugins.