Psychic Modulation - Cortex v2.5 (Pc)

Drum sampler with five pattern sequencers. Designed with live operation in mind, for making complex beats on the fly, that can be randomized and manipulated in a number of ways. Cortex now allows you to load sample directories for fast sample browsing.

-5 multi-wav cells
-3 wav players per cell
-Each wav player has it's own control over pitch, volume, etc.
-Loop mode with variable start/end positions for each wav player
-Multi-page control panels for each cell
-16-step pattern sequencer for each cell
-Independent gate sliders for velocity, pitch and decay
-Accents under each sequence step for reversing or looping
-Random probability for each sequencer
-Each sequencer can play at different speeds
-Each sequencer can play forward or backward
-Adjustable sequence length
-Host sync
-Key assignment or full key tracking for each cell
-MIDI note can trigger drum sequence or one-shot drum
-Polyphony option for each cell
-Volume/Panning vectors
-SampleCell Mixer with on/off clip leds
-Multiple audio outputs (channels 1-6)
-156 samples included in full version


* Improved sample browsing: open up a folder directory for quick selection of samples.
* Added key trigger options: pressing a key can now trigger either the sequencer, as one-shot drum, or both simultaneously.
* Sequences or one-shots can be assigned to specific notes, or tracked across the full keys.
* Accents under each step can now be used to reverse or loop that step.
* Pitch envelope can now be looped with the sample, or made to follow the amp envelope.
* Added sustain control to amp envelopes for triggering sustained one-shots or loops.
* Added polyphony to tone section of each cell: allows polyphonic sequences.
* Added new randomization option: selects randomization of sequence speed or position.
* Includes more samples (155 with full version; 77 with demo).