QuikQuak - RaySpace v2.1 (Pc/Mac)

New LOOK for 2.1!!!

Bug fixes in 2.1:
Registration in vst wrappers now correct.
Hang bug when clicking rapidly in main edit area stopped.
Source and listener pods easier to pick up and move.
Plug-in can now be placed into a separate RaySpace directory on windows.

* Create fantastic surround reverbs using the completely new engine - Introducing
the new DBT (Diffuse Bubble Tracing) system.
* Draw walls of any angle, allowing complex room shapes.
* Four band parametric equaliser, for complete control of output!
* Ray scattering algorithms for adding randomisation to wall reflections,
giving roughness and character to the rooms.
* Get a real grasp of the virtual space with the new 3D ROOM VIEWER. Using
zoom and spin with the mouse - watch and listen to actual height adjustments.
* Reverb now updates almost instantly!
* More compact interface.
* RaySpace does NOT use convolution algorithms, it's a completely original design.
And unlike convolution, long reverb times use the same CPU as short ones,
allowing you to make huge spaces!
* Compact size. RaySpace does not need huge resource files to store the reverbs,
as they only take up a few K each!
* 45 presets for instant tweaking.
* Works with all sample rates.