SAWStudio / Lite v3.9l/Basic v1.4l released (Pc)

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SAW is the acronym for Software Audio Workshop.

SAWStudio combines both high-tech virtual mixing and hard disk editing technologies into one power-packed application. The look and feel of a fully controllable console, coupled with an all new high powered 24-bit hard disk engine make this product one of the most intelligent choices for the serious audio professional.

The SAWStudio interface is a tightly woven mesh of a fully developed mixing console interface and a newly designed MultiTrack recording/editing interface. This design is truly aimed at emulating the look and feel of working in a typical hardware based studio environment, replacing the physical mixing console, MultiTrack recorder and outboard rack-effects gear all at the same time.

This product represents a revolutionary new approach to mixing and editing audio in a virtual environment, truly replacing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of physical gear needed to perform the same functions.

SAWStudio offers incredible versatility, amazing speed, and best of all, an environment which inspires your freedom of creative expression. Audio professionals in every niche of the audio industry, including full-length motion picture sound design, music production, theater automation, high-end radio & TV broadcast production, and audio production for video and arcade game development presently use SAWStudio technology.

This release of SAWStudio Basic represents a wonderful opportunity for all audio enthusiasts and professionals ready to make the jump, or already enjoying the benefits of digital audio editing on a PC.

SAWStudio Basic, built on the solid and incredibly feature-rich core technology and interface design of SAWStudio, can bring the high-end editing and mixing features of its $2500 and $1200 big brothers to the table at the unbelievably low price of just $300.

Those who have enjoyed the design concepts of the older SAW products will recognize many design elements and feel right at home with the powerful Region-based, non-destructive non-linear editing format of SAWStudioBasic. Those new to the SAW line of products will find that SAWStudioBasic brings brand new elements to the idea of manipulating digital audio, elements that translate into increased speed and enhanced creative capabilities for you, the engineer.

The old technology has evolved into the new SAWStudio technology which introduces the realtime audio engine and fully automated built-in virtual console that can truly bring the look and feel of the largest professional audio mixing desk directly to you on your PC screen. The engine is multithreaded assembly language written exclusively to take advantage of today's computers and the newer Windows 2000 and XP operating systems.

If you've been wrestling with your current audio application, and even if you feel comfortable with your current audio application, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at what SAWStudioBasic is all about. Basic could be the fresh approach that breaths new life and excitement into your audio editing experience.

SAWStudio 3.9l - February 8, 2006



* DirectX and VST Plugin positions will now save with the edl whether the plugin window is open or not at the time of the edl save. Native plugins have their own control over this feature.

* The Aux Send mini faders have been enhanced to use the large popup faders by clicking and holding in the Aux Send readout displays above the mini fader.



* Fixed VST code that could cause some plugins to open with only the SAWStudio VST titlebar and no window display. This was caused by some of the VST crash code adjustments from 3.9k.

Fixed ShowControl Midi Trigger code to work correctly with edl entries containing DV video. This fix should stop the video graph error messages and allow the video to open properly.

Fixed ShowControl Midi Note-Off Trigger code to correct for misfire possibilities.

Fixed E-Mixer meters code which could stop responding based on Z-Mixer size adjustments… now completely independent.