Skale Tracker v0.81 (Pc/Linux/Free)

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Skale Tracker is a free music composition software
based on old-skool soundtrackers with the power
of current technologies.


A brief list of some of the main Skale Tracker features:

* FT2-like interface with a 100% configurable keyboard
* Runs as a Windows/Linux application (ASIO & DirectSound) and as VST plugin client
* 32 bit floating point mixer engine with 64 sequenzable channels,
256x4 stereo virtual channels
* VST plug-ins are supported by the sound engine
* Support for Mono/Stereo samples with OGG compression stored in the songs
* Support for SoundFont and Akai S5000/S6000 instruments
(use your Akai/GigaStudio libraries)
* MIDI in/out
* Advanced tracker features such as Note Death (NNAs) or Realtime EQ/filters
* C++ player library to use Skale Player in your applications, if needed


Here is a short list of bug fixes/new features:

- Last scroll position in DiskOp remind
- Load FX plugins from config directory when not found
- SKM files with OggVorbis compression
- AKP instruments loop in samples
- AKP instruments fixed sample note
- Shortcuts for all the main menu options
- Instrument colors
- Pattern list: patterns repeated marked bold
- XDelay pattern effect: High precision delay note on
- DiskOp directory names darker than filenames
- Configurable sound output latency using the .cfg file (linux)

- SKM & SKI incorrect loading of instruments with more than 1 sample per note
- Crash loading RAW samples
- DiskOp Startup directory incorrectly when changing the item to load
- Change play scale was affecting to midi in
- Config midi in device was not saved
- Panic button was on when solo channels on
- Diskop filenames extension low/upcase (linux)
- Track editor effect name when no instrument selected
- DiskOp file sizes were incorrect (linux)
- CapsLock key problem (linux)