Starplugs - SuperSizer MBC v1.0 (Pc)

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+++ Multi Band Compressor based on the SuperSizer series +++
The SuperSizer MBC comes with 6 SuperSizer stages and 5 high-end phase-shifting-free and resonance-free bandpass filters designed with the pd quantum-filter technology. The Starplugs SuperSizer MBC divides the input signal into 5 frequency bands that can be attenuated and supersized independently. The 5 frequency bands are then mixed and send to the MasterSuperSizer stage.
+no pumping +no ducking +no fades +no delay +no attack times+

* 5 Filter sections
* 1 Lowpass-, 3 bandpass- and 1 highpass filter
* linear frequency response
* no center peaks
* 4 intersection frequency points
* multi display for frequency and level
* mute buttons for every frequency band
* precise in level and phase

Version: 1.0 - 01/2006
System requirements:
Win XP PC - 1GHz or higher
Asio soundcard recommended
VST-application (sequencer or audio software)