Synapse Audio - Scorpion v4.3 (Pc/Mac)


Version 4.3 of the Scorpion synthesizer, was released today.

This minor update addresses an issue in Ableton - playing live via MIDI or PC Keyboard caused problems and is now fixed with this release.

The Scorpion is a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer. Unlike most other virtual analog synthesizers, the Scorpion does not attempt to recreate any particular real-world analog synthesizer, but contains original circuitry.

The Scorpion finds its use in all genres of electronic music, and is capable of a wide variety of strings, winds, basses, leads, pads and atmospheric sounds.

You may think that two sawtooth oscillators can't produce that many different sounds - but the clever coupling with variable phase and ring-modulation, makes this an instrument that will suprise you with many exciting sounds.

The array of possible sounds is further enhanced by a multimode filter with 4 modes, two ADSR envelopes for the filter and amplitude, and an LFO with two switchable destinations. Additionally, a modulation envelope is built in, with variable amount settings for ringmodulation and pitch.

The Scorpion has four effect sections built in: Reverb, Spectral FX, Chorus and Delay/Tremolo. The Reverb is a very smooth-sounding, physical-modelling plate reverb, with variable pre-delay and damping. The Spectral FX unit, is a special effect for spectral enhancement, which can be used both for boosting the bass, adding presence or brilliance to the sound.

The Scorpion comes with a bank of 100 presets -
grab the free demo and try it out yourself.

Runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Runs under VSTi Hosts
Runs under DXi Hosts

Mac OS X version is available now.
CPU P3/500MHz
Requires a VSTi or DXi host such as Orion, Sonar, Cubase or Nuendo.