Synthmaker v0.9.5j (Pc)

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SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.
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You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

New release 0.9.5j
31 - Jan - 06
There are some important fixes to sample position and the properties in this release and we also have a few new things too. There is a schematic level cpu meter. This measures sound processing only and is very useful for finding out whether your schematic is running efficiently.

Working away behind the scenes we now have bitmap caching. This makes working with animated knobs or any other elements that use common images much more feasible. Common images are only stored once and are referenced wherever they are needed. This vastly reduces memory and disk usage.

New Components:

* Colour Matrix.
* Colour Matrix Set.
* Trigger Blocker.

Additions and fixes:

* Automation performance has been significantly improved.
* Redraw efficiency has been improved for exported VSTs.
* New schematic level cpu meter.
* Sample position component should now work in exported VSTs.
* Too large an area was being used when clipping a module front panel.
* Property positions were not being saved.
* Mouse cursor hiding has been moved to the drag accumulate components.
* Mouse cursor was disappearing occasionally when using knobs and sliders.
* When using fine adjustment for a knob it was not possible to do complete sweeps without releasing the mouse and re-dragging.
* New bitmap caching vastly reduces memory and disk usage when working with bitmap knobs or other elements that share an image.
* The sampling rate (from the Timing Info component) now updates when you change device or sample rate settings.
* The frequency of the low-level oscillators was set at 1 octave too high.
* Updated the Parametric EQ module - the slow params option now works and you can hold SHIFT for fine adjustments in the GUI.
* New colour matrix component allows you to perform colour transformations on bitmaps.
* New trigger blocker component prevents triggers being propagated through a schematic.

System Requirements
SynthMaker requires a processor with SSE instructions and it runs on Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Support for SSE instructions started with the Pentium III and continued with more recent processors including recent AMDs like the Duron and Athlon XP. Almost all new processors support SSE now.