Vember Audio - Surge v1.1 beta

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From the homepage:
A digital recording is just a sequence of numbers. Easily quantifiable as ones and zeros, stored on physical media, combined together into larger numbers to form a continuous stream of data.

Until you listen to it. Then it becomes real.

SURGE is an instrument capable of generating truly beautiful sequences of numbers. Your ears will agree with us.

more than the sum of its parts

Architecturally speaking, SURGE is a rather complex synthesizer. But because of how it's put together it's still easy to learn. Once you do, you will turn the sounds in your head to audio faster than ever.


- updated to support VST2.4
- behind the scenes changes to the GUI code. It is now snappier and will no longer lock host VU-meters etc etc..
- MIDI channels 4-16 are now treated similar to channel 1 (normal playmode)
- added:LFO -> EG retrigger lane on voice LFO1 stepsequencer
- added:holding down shift will quantitize stepsequencer on 1/12th steps
- added:copy oscillator settings with modulation routings

As usual, the beta download is dll-only.

It is also available as a 64-bit (x64) version. To my knowledge there isn't any publically available host that support 64-bit vst plugins so it is totally untested but I'm sure nobody minds availability when the hosts do arrive. Don't confuse this with 64-bit precision, this is a new machine code format that require a 64-bit CPU, operating system and host to work.