WaveMachine Labs - Drumagog v4.0.3 (Pc/Mac)

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Drumagog is a plug-in that automatically replaces drum tracks with a vast array of other samples. Engineers and producers worldwide use Drumagog to fix and enhance existing drum tracks. Drumagog is extremely easy to use. Just insert it onto a drum track and select your favorite sample. Drumagog does the rest. For advanced drum replacing, Drumagog is packed with powerful features for the ultimate in control. Drumagog comes complete with a drum sample collection containing hundreds of samples to get you going.

Test drive Drumagog for yourself! Download our demo version today and see how easy it is to improve your drum tracks.


* Automatically replaces drum tracks with a variety of samples
* Compatible with WAV, AIF, SDII, and GIG samples and libraries
* MIDI Input and Output Capability (on supported hosts)
* Advanced Visual Triggering feature
* Sophisticated sample management
* Auto sample-rate conversion
* New triggering engine for the ultimate in accurate triggering
* Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic and Digital Performer
* Comes with a complete drum sample collection
* Works with any VST, RTAS, or AU compatible application

Drumagog 4.0 has many new features including:

* VST, RTAS and AU Plug-in Formats
* Mac and PC compatibility
* State-of-the-Art Advanced Triggering Mode
* Live Triggering Mode
* High-Quality Pitch Change Algorithm
* Favorites
* Auto-Align Mode
* Adjustable Phase Control
* Built-In Synthesizer
* Filter and Synth Presets
* Automation Support
* Support for Plug-In Delay Compensation

* New "Fixed Latency" Plugin added:
Drumagog now has two plugins to choose from when inserting onto a track: "Drumagog" and "Drumagog (Fixed Latency)". The fixed latency version is designed for use in hosts which have Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation (such as Pro Tools HD and Steinberg products). If you own one of these hosts, use the new "Fixed Latency" version for better compatibility.
* Full MIDI support for all platforms. MIDI output is now available for both Mac OSX and Windows in all plugin formats. Please note that due to the nature of MIDI, Drumagog's output may result in triggers that are not consistently aligned. Lower latency audio devices produce more accurate MIDI trigger output.
* Various minor fixes.