Wusik - Wusikstation 3 (Pc)

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Wusikstation VSTi -
Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler for VST Hosts


HQ 32 Bits Sampler (allows Multi-Sampled files).

Loads DASHsnd, WusikSND and WAV files directly. (without conversions)

Comes with WAV to WusikSND converter FREE. Allows you to create your own Multi-Sampled WusikSND files. Using several WAV files by Key Zone or Velocity Zone.

User Skinable, comes with several skin options.

Assembly code with SSE instructions. The fastest engine on the market. [ CPU Usage Chart ]

2 x Oversampled resonant filters with Smooth option.

Wavesequencers and LFOs synced to host tempo.

Midi Learn option to almost every parameter, with Min/Max option.

Stereo FX Sends with 2 extra outputs. So you don't loose the "PAN" information and can also turn-off the internal FXs and use your own ones on the extra output ports.

MicroTuning support via Scala .TUN files - Includes a Library of over 2800 files.

MouseWheel and Keyboard support for all hosts. Copy and Paste of Layers.

Complete Wusik Engine VSTi Specs
OSC Layers

* On/Off.
* 1 x Sound selector. (menu style)
* ADSR Amplitude Envelope:
o Velocity Knob.
o Key track to Volume.
o Key track to Speed.
* Pitch Fine and Tune.
* Fixed pitch on/off.
* FX Send 1 and 2. (stereo)
* Pan.
* Volume.
* Number of Voices. (mono option + glider + retrigger selector)
* Key Zone Split
* Key Velocity Split

* 4 x Filters. Each:
o On/Off.
o 2 Filter Types (2 x Oversampled):
+ 2 Pole
+ 4 Pole
o All with:
+ Low Pass
+ Band Pass
+ High Pass
+ Notch
o Resonance.
o Frequency.
o Smooth option (avoids zipper-noise)
* Selector for Serial or Parallel Filters.

* 4 x EQs. (2 x Oversampled) Each:
o On/Off.
o Band Frequency.
o Boost.
o Smooth option (avoids zipper-noise).

Wavesequencer Layers

* All options from OSC Layer above, Plus:
* 32 x Sound selector. (menu style)
* Wavesequencer Timing (uses BMP to gate).
* Wavesequencer Sync (restarts on note-on).
* Wavesequencer length.
* Wavesequencer loop start position.
* Wavesequencer editor:
o up to 128 Steps. Each step:
o Sound Selector, from the 32 loaded.
o Fade time from current sound to next sound.
o Timing. (BMP related)
o Volume.
o Pan.
o FX Send 1.
o FX Send 2.
o Pitch Tune.
o Pitch Fine.
o Mod 1.
o Mod 2.
o Mod 3.
o Mod 4.


* 4 x Filters. Each:
o On/Off.
o 2 Filter Types (2 x Oversampled):
+ 2 Pole
+ 4 Pole
o All with:
+ Low Pass
+ Band Pass
+ High Pass
+ Notch
o Resonance.
o Frequency.
o Smooth option (avoids zipper-noise).

* 4 x EQs. (2 x Oversampled) Each:
o On/Off.
o Band Frequency.
o Boost.
o Smooth option (avoids zipper-noise).

* 2 Internal FXs Sends (Stereo Send and Output):
o Double Stereo Chorus;
o Quad Stereo Chorus;
o Stereo Delay;
o Modular code that allows addition of new FXs latter.
(only by the Wusik.com coder)
* Mixer Display: Shows all Layers: O1, O2, O3, WS1 and WS2
as a mixer display. With volume, pan, FX1, FX2, Pitch and VU led.
Check pictures above.

* XY Pad with Vector Mixing.

Modulation Matrix

* 8 x LFOs:
o Waveform selector:
+ Sine.
+ Pulse
+ Saw.
+ Triangle
+ Random.
+ Noise.
o Speed.
o Can be Synced to Note-Gate (ModMatrix option)

* 8 x ADSR Envelopes.
o Velocity Knob.
o Key track to Volume
o Key track to Speed.
o Output.

* Up to 36 Modulations.
o Min
o Max

* Send Sources:
o OSC Out.
o Layer Out.
o LFO.
o Mod Envelopes. (8)
o Midi CC.
o After touch.
o Pitch Bend.
o Pitch Wheel.
o Note On/Off.
o Note Velocity.
o Note Key.
o Wavesequencer Mod 1.
o Wavesequencer Mod 2.
o More can be added.

* Send Destinations:
o Layer Volume.
o Layer Amplitude.
o Layer Pan.
o Layer Pitch.
o Layer FX Send 1 and 2.
o Layer Sync (restarts the waveform).
o Layer loop position.
o Layer sample start position.
o Layer Filter Freq/Res.
o LFO Speed.
o More can be added.

Generic GUI options

* Midi Learn with Min/Max for almost every parameter.
(right mouse click)
* Save presets as default bank.
* Save options as default.
* Hints for almost every parameter, when you move the
mouse over. Option to turn off globally.
* Presets manager, shows the preset name, next/previous
with midi-cc and pc-key option.
* The GUI also displays the value of every parameter,
when you move the mouse over it.

Sampler details

* HQ 32 bit Multi-Sampled format. With Hermite Interpolation.
Ultra-Low CPU usage. [ CPU Usage ]

* Plays WAV (directly) or WusikSND (Multi-Sampled) files.
(WAV files can be 16 or 32 bits. 44100hz Mono - Stereo
files are converted to Mono)

* The VST plays WusikSND files in 32 bit format.
A tool to convert WAV to WusikSND files is included with the
product. This tool is a batch converter, no GUI included.
All you do is run the converter inside the directory you have
all your WAV files you want to convert. Files will also need
renaming so the converter knows how to properly convert.

* You can install the DLL file in your VST folder,
and keep all DATA (Samples, Banks, Skins) files in another
directory, or even another drive. This is set during installation.

Other Details

* The synth is fully SSE optimized with Assembly coding.

* Windows IBM-PC VST only. Requires a compatible VST Host to run.
SSE optimized code, requires compatible processor.
Such as AMD XP and some newer Durons. Or any Intel PIII/P4 and above.
Try the LITE Demo to be sure it will run in your machine.

With this new version, we will complete our line of basic, regular and professional VSTi products. We will keep V1 and V2 as separate products, while the top product will be labeled as Version 3.0.0.
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What will be the difference of the Version 3.0.0?

* The Package Name:
o Wusikstation V3 Silver & GOLD Package. (you can also updated the engine only)
* Extra Sounds: (optional)
o The HQ Acoustic Collection. (so far almost one Gig of extra sounds)
o Other HQ sets yet to be defined.
* Extra features: (it will still be compatible with V2 skins)
o Modular Filter Design, using a similar SDK that was used for the Effects Area.
Extra Filters yet to be defined.
o More Effects, no list provided yet, we will do one as we go along.
o Extra feature on the Effects SDK, making it possible to create advanced FXs,
that has its own GUI and extra parameters. Also, it would make it possible to
create a VST loader FX, but we won't promise that just yet.
o Insert effects per Layer. This will be done on the same Effects-Page.
Besides the current FX1 and FX2, you will have 6 new options. FXO1, FXO2, FXO3, FXO4, FXW1, FXW2.
o Extra Envelope options: Exponential (plus inverted) or Linear Phases. (works on AmpEnvs and ModEnvs)
o Option to LINK Amp Envelopes.
o Master Unison.
o New Mod-Matrix options:
+ Simple Scripting language for creating complex functions.
+ Add or Multiply option. (V2 only multiplies)
+ Wavesequencer position as Destination.
+ Others yet to be defined.
o File Search Function. (works for all files)
+ Advanced Preset Word Function. (this lets you search for presets that has, for example, piano sounds)
o Favorites Presets Save/Load option.
o New customizable Tool Tips code. (uses a TXT file for customization)
o Other features that will be defined as we code it.