Antares - Microphone Modeler v1.3.8 (Mac/Pc)


Mac TDM and RTAS versions compatible with Pro Tools|HD (OS 9 & OS X) and Pro Tools 6 (OS X). (Tiger versions coming soon).
Proprietary DSP-based acoustic modeling allows any reasonable quality microphone to sound like any of a wide variety of high-end studio mics.
Models reproduce the effects of windscreens, low-cut filters, pattern-dependent frequency response and proximity effects.
Create hybrid mics that combine the bass response of one mic with the treble response of another.
Add a model of classic tube saturation distortion.
Use during mixdown to change the mic on an already recorded track.
Incredibly simple to use -- simply select the mic you're using and the mic you want it to sound like.
Includes an extensive collection of digital models of historical classics, modern exotics, and industry-standard workhorses.
Additional models can be downloaded from the Antares web site.
TDM and RTAS versions are 88.2 kHz and 96kHz sample rate compatible (all others are 44.1kHz and 48 kHz)

From the homepage:
"We have released Microphone Modeler for Audio Units and VST OSX. And since it's been such a long wait, we've decided to make them free upgrades for owners of equivalent versions."