Audeon releases UFO Light (Pc/Free/Shareware)

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UFO Light: Audeon makes UFO technology available to the masses !

Audeon announces the launching of UFO Light, the light version of our flagship product UFO (Unique Filters and Oscillators). Sharing the same synthesis technology and innovative user interface concept as its big brother, UFO Light is a unique opportunity to get started with TransModal Synthesis for a fraction of the price of UFO.

TransModal Synthesis relies on various synthesis modules including K-Osc, an oscillator model capable of smoothly transitioning between different oscillation modes like harmonic, noisy or chaotic, and Morphilter, a filter allowing continuous transitions between modes (low-pass, high-pass,...). UFO Light offers a subset of the modules available in UFO.

Unlike UFO, UFO Light is shareware: feel free to try it before you decide if you want to purchase it. It is fully functional and the registration cost is only 19€ ($22).
Now everybody can afford UFO technology!

UFO Light is currently available as a VST plugin for PC (Windows). A Mac port is planned..