Big list of FREE Music Making Software - Part 3

Here is part 3 of the big list of Free Music Making Software.
Free Synths, Effects, Filters and other Instruments & Plugins you need in your music production.
With Part 1 and Part 2 together with this part - you have a Mega List of 100 Free Music Making Software!

71. Twisted Lemon - Sidekick (Pc)
The SideKick is a sidechain emulator for the VST platform.

72. KarmaFX - Synth Modular (Pc)
Advanced Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer.

73. 2 new FREE VST synths - Phazuid V3 and V4 (Pc)
3 x Octaves, 3 x OSCs (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, Noise.

74. Tin BrookeTales Software - TLs Pocket Limiter (Pc)
Transparent Brickwall Limiting with 0 db stop.

75. Klang Labs - Milli Vinylli (Pc)
Old vinyl sound generator.

76. Topten Software - Cantabile (Pc)
Cantabile is a simple, easy to use VST host, MIDI recorder and audio recorder.

77. KlangLabs - BackMan (Pc)
Reverses incoming audio signal in sync (it will follow host BPM). This plugin is specially useful on live gigs to make that "back vinyl" effect DJs usually does.

78. Scamme - Stereo Filter (Pc)
Stereo filter is a simple stereo resonant filter.

79. Replacer (Pc)
"Replacer" is a VST plug-in designed to replace drum and percussive sounds with other samples.

80. Kotkas - Paax (Pc/Free version available)
Paax, a powerful VST sampler that matches many of the features of expensive samplers. Freeware version is limited to 64 voice polyphony and can only load 8/16 bit wavs.

81. bs-1 (Pc/Mac)
VSTi playback sampler bs-1.

82. Monofilter(Pc/ LT version Free)
Designed to provide a comprehensive interface for narrowing a stereo signal towards (or to) mono below a specified frequency.

83. LaserBlade (Pc/Free version available)
This synthesizer was started as successor to Swamp and is comprising features beyond that one.
Most prevailing are modulatable XTorsion, Filter FM (frequeny modulation of filter like
in the Sequential synths) and the Metallize section.

84. Smart Electronix - Taurus (Pc)
Virtual recreation of famous bass pedals from 70's. Prepare for earth shattering bass!

85. BetabugsAudio - PhaseBug (Pc)
PhaseBug - Its primary function is to shift the phase of an incoming audio signal.

86. Xhip Synth (Pc)
xhip is a subtractive synthesizer with a very pure sound quality.

87. TLs Saturated Driver (Pc)
Something inbetween a Limiter/compressor to shape them peaks....

88. BetabugsAudio - SpinBug (Pc)
SpinBug - combines a traditional "rotary speaker" effect with a set of new possibilities and parameters.

89. NuGen Audio - Stereoplacer LT (Pc)
Stereoplacer is a fine-tune parametric EQ with the addition of stereo positioning controls.

90. LUXONIX - LFX-1310 (Pc/Mac)
LFX-1310 is a Free plug-in multi-effector including 24 types of algorithm and 3 serial slots.

91. Polyfractus - Model (MOdulation DELay)(Mac)
"Model" is an OSX AU MOdulation DELay plugin. From classic echoes to strange modulations and musical patterns, you can Model your sound with unlimited random modulation patterns, filters and ring modulator.

92. Naive LPF (Pc)
Naive LPF is a resonant low-pass filter with envelope follower.

93. Smart Electronix Foorius (Pc)
Foorius is a VSTi which allows you to explore and combine multiple synthesis methods in a single patch. The free version adds a Nag-Screen periodically.

94. Quad Zamp (Pc)
ZAMP is a freeware simple VSTi sample player, it can load and play 3 wav files simultaneously.

95. ColorTone-Pro (Pc/Mac/Free and Pro versions)
ColorTone is a “"Tone Box"” which simulates the signal path of analog devices through the use of convolution and various proprietary non-linear processes.

96. RealSynth.Net - Vulcanuid (Pc)

97. RealSynth.Net - Spirasuid (Pc)

98. Zen Soundcheck Audio - Chrissy (Pc)
Are you in for some lo-fi? How about some pout, rasp or even pur?

99. boxsounds - s16 - Step Sequencer (Pc)

100. QuickAudio (Pc)
QuickAudio lets you edit, play and record digital audio as well as convert between various popular audio formats. It has standard audio editing features, audio spectrum analysis as well as support for up to 24 VST plugins.

That's it!
I hope you like all the parts of this list.


  1. Anonymous07:22

    Great, great, great list!
    Thanks a million.

  2. Anonymous03:42

    I'll second taht wow.
    That is a lot of software to get through.

    Which of it do you actually use day-to-day?


  3. we've just released a free music & video software app called trakAxPC ( some of you may be interested in checking out. Runs on Windows XP/Vista and has lots of neat features such as beat-matching, sampling, web-cam/mic input etc. It's completely free (no trial/catches) and most importantly is easy-to-use. Hope you like and that it is cool to post this link! Thanks & well done on compiling all this info.

  4. Sounds really cool! I will look into it and posta about it.
    Thanks for the link!


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