blocc - loPass v1.1 (Pc)

A new approach to filter design mathematics makes this filter a unique tool. Blocc loPass offers an unprecedented high spectral selectivity while at the same time maintaining an absolutely flat passband response.

This filter is a clean, surgical filter, do not expect musical coloration. The specifications:

* VST 2.4 plugin for any Win32 platform
* double precision internal processing (52 bit accuracy)
* VST 2.4 double precision support
* full support for Sonar 5 double precision engine
* split channel stereo control
* configurable overshoot display


* Updated to VST 2.4 interface.
* Added support for Sonar 5 double precision audio engine.
* Added support for VST 2.4 double precision interface.
* Significant reduction of processor load.

Please test the plugin thoroughly before buying it. Limitations of the demo version:

* saving of presets disabled
* parameter automatisation disabled

Buy loPass for Euro 35,-