[CodeOperator] - COModPack 1.0 (Pc/Mac)

COModPack is a brandnew plug-in package from [CodeOperator]. It includes in version 1.0 5 modulation plug-ins for VST/AU/RTAS.

COModPack is made with Pluggo-MAX/MSP from cycling74. You need to install the Pluggo-Runtime to use DelayPack.

COModPack for OS X and Windows 1.0

PlugIns included:

* COPhaser - a 24 stages phaser with gate/ducking option
* COChorus - 3 separate chorus lines with a gate/ducking option
* COFlanger - a flanger effect with a gate/ducking option
* COSpectralRM - a spectral ringmodulator with 4 separate lines (the lines can modulate each other) and a gate ducking option
* COSpectralPanner - a 4 band spectral panner (you can pan each spectral band) and a gate/ducking option
* more plug-ins will follow...

COModPack can be purchased for $29 until March 15, then COModPack will cost $39.