Devine Machine Software - Lucifer v2.0 (Pc/Mac)

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Lucifer is a VST FX plugin designed for manipulating audio tracks in realtime.

Repeat, Gate, Stutter and Scratch a live input or audio track on the fly!

Lucifer has been desgined to be well-suited for live performance and DJ's, allowing BPM to be set by tapping along on a key (C key).


- Host BPM / manual Tap BPM sync

- 6 Incarn graphs (pan/vol/scratch/distort/cut/res)

- scratch/stutter/reverse audio on-the-fly

- 99 new DSP effect types in Lucifer 2!

- additonal FX (spread/groove/bounce/gate)

- Secondary SVF filter with 4 filter modes (LPF, BPF, HPF, Notch)

- Infinite Lock-repeat

- Stereo in, and routable 4 stereo outs with DJ-type crossfader

- Load and Save wav files! Capture sounds, manipulate them, and export!

- Graph data (and knob values) save in host song (note: demo prevents loading saved settings)

- fairly priced ($99.99) - Special - Get Lucifer2 at the Lucifer 1.x price of $66.66 for 30 days!!

- lifetime free updates

To try in a host:

FL Studio - Insert Lucifer on a FX channel, set Port on lucifer to an unused MIDI port (like 5). Insert a MIDI out device in the FL stepsequencer and set its output to the same port (5).

Ableton Live4 - Insert Lucifer on the track to manipulate. Create a MIDI track to control lucifer. Set the MIDI TO: on this new MIDI track to the destination track (Lucifer).

Energy XT - Drag in Lucifer, and connect the wires!

Note: This software is provided as DEMOWARE, this product is provided in as-is condition; by installing/using Lucifer Demo you are agreeing and restricted to to the terms in the license agreement in the Readme included with the download.


* Constrained-Randomization over loop re-arrangement and effects.
* Load and Save audio loops (AIFF/WAV - path to file will store in preset/host).
* All Graphs have the option to send MIDI out (definable CC's or even a monophonic note stream).
* 24 GraphSets instead of four.
* 97 new DSP FX licensed from Vellocet (Moog Filter, SVF, phasers, flangers, combs, reverb, etc).
* New waveform displays show the input/output (toggle control) behind the graph.
* Multiple outputs (4).
* New MIX switch allows for capturing sync'd loops for manipulation and/or export (current/previous/next pass).
* 4 buffer locations for the ability to switch playback between different loaded files or live input captures.
* Assignable X-Y Controller.
* "OFFSET" keys (C6-D#7, non-incarn) to displace entire playbuffer by buffer-16ths.
* 7 menu-assignable notes instead of 2 (c2-b2).
* Support for 48 and 96k in addition to 44.1.
* Improved sync.
* ...much more.