GVST - GClip (Pc/Free)

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GClip is a wave-shaping signal clipper. It prevents the input signal level from exceeding a specified maximum. The clipping function used can be altered to have a hard- or soft-knee.

Wave-shaping can introduce audible aliasing, especially with more drastic settings. The oversampling mode can help to minimize aliasing in such cases.

A graph showing the shape of the clipping function is displayed on the GUI. There is also a wave display that shows what effect the clipping curve is having on the signal.

Gain: The gain applied to the incoming signal.

Clip: The level at which the signal is clipped.

Softness: The softness of the clipping curve.

2x Oversample: Turn oversampling on or off.


* Now includes an oversampling mode, which reduces aliasing when GClip is being used for extreme wave-shaping.