KORG Legacy Collection - DIGITAL EDITION Version 1.2 (Pc/Mac)

WAVESTATION Version 1.6 now includes Filter Resonance!

The new Version 1.2 release of the KORG Legacy Collection - DIGITAL EDITION includes a significant upgrade to the WAVESTATION software synthesizer - Filter Resonance.
All KORG Legacy Collection - DIGITAL EDITION users can download WAVESTATION Version 1.6 free of charge at this site as part of the "KORG Legacy Collection - DIGITAL EDITION Version 1.2 update."
(The v1.2 update also includes the M1 v1.5.1 and MDE-X v1.2.3 which include some small bug fixes.)

This feature has been long sought after by WAVESTATION hardware and software users and is available for free to all registered DIGITAL EDITION users.

To take advantage of the resonant filter, 50 new Performances, 35 new Patches, and 32 new Wave Sequences are included in the WAVESTATION Version 1.6. Saving and Loading by Bank has also been added, greatly simplifying sound management.

Resurrect Korg's Legendary Synthesizers
The KORG Legacy Collection is the ultimate virtual instrument pack, consisting of software versions of the MS-20 and Polysix analog synthesizers, and the WAVESTATION advanced vector synthesizer, together with a dedicated MS-20 Controller that faithfully replicates the original MS-20 at 84% of the original size.

Perennially popular and hard to find in their hardware formats, these legendary synths are now resurrected for use in your computer as state-of-the-art software synthesizers. Our CMT electronic circuit modeling technology delivers stunningly accurate reproductions of the analog MS-20 and Polysix, and the groundbreaking Legacy Cell combination structure produces beefy and complex new timbres that far surpass the original models. The WAVESTATION is brought into the modern age, answering the requests of thousands of fans of that much beloved instrument.

korg legacy collection

Wavestation synthesizer features:

* 32 note polyphonic (CPU dependant).
* 484 PCM waveforms.
* 32 digital oscillators.
* 32 digital filters.
* 64 envelope generators.
* 64 LFOs.
* 55 effect types.
* 550 performances, 385 patches (ROM8 Banks + RAM3 Banks) sound included.
* Performance/Patch/Wave Sequence Data can be imported (in .SYX file).
* Operates as stand-alone or VST/AU plug-in instrument.

Insert/Master Effect Type: 19 types

* DynaCompressor
* Compressor
* Multi Band Limiter
* Mastering Limiter
* OverDrive/Hi.Gain+Wah
* 4 Band EQ
* Exciter/Enhancer
* Talking Modulator
* Decimator
* Flanger
* Phaser
* Polysix Ensemble
* MultiTap Chorus/Delay
* Stereo/Cross Delay
* LCR BPM Delay
* Reverb Hall
* Reverb Smooth Hall
* Reverb Wet Plate
* Reverb Dry Plate


* Same as MS-20 software synthesizer specifications.
* Two-channel input (mono mix after input).
* Two-channel output.
* VST/AU plug-in effects are supported.


* Effect types: 19 types (same as effect types of Legacy Cell).
* Dynamic modulation is supported.
* Two-channel input.
* Two-channel output (for mono-input effects, one channel is passed through to the output).
* 128 effect programs included.
* VST/AU plug-in effects are supported.


* Maximum Polyphony: 256 notes (depending on the CPU of host computer).
* Number of Parts: 8.
* More than 3,100 preset sounds and 400 user presets.
* Over 960 PCM waveforms.
* 34 effect types.
* Original M1 and T-series data can be imported via .SYX file.