Melodyne Sound Library (Pc/Mac)

Sound Libraries for the large versions of Melodyne cre8/studio

The sounds of the libraries are derived from Ueberschall's 'Liquid Instruments' and are being offered specially to Melodyne owners at the end of April. The series begins with 'Saxophone', 'Bass' and 'Guitar', with 'The Voice 1 and 2' and 'Horn Section' to follow in early summer.

The collaboration between Celemony and the Hannover-based sample manufacturer Ueberschall is entering the second round. First Ueberschall licensed Melodyne technology for the 'Liquid Instruments'; now it's the other way around: the first-class Liquid Instrument sounds are being offered exclusively for Melodyne.

The 'Melodyne Sound Library' is the ideal companion for all Melodyne users who want to edit something more than their own material. The licks and phrases were specially conceived for use with Melodyne technology, produced by pros and meticulously optimized. They cover a wide musical bandwidth and are flexible and adaptable as well as offering outstanding expressive potential.

The 'Melodyne Sound Library' constitutes perfect raw material for productions of all kinds that can be reshaped in an almost infinite number of ways and adapted to the requirements of the situation – without losing its musicality.

Through the unique Melodyne functions, the material adjusts automatically in tempo, key and scale to the arrangement. Or you can modify it in many different ways – from minor changes of intonation to complete restructuring, from gentle quantization to time-stretching of more than 100%. In this way, the phrases can be adapted simply and easily to all possible demands and employed creatively. Working with audio could not be more flexible or simpler.

With Melodyne's Melody Manager, the Library is very simple and intuitive to use. the user can insert entire recordings, parts thereof or merely individual notes into his arrangements very elegantly using Drag 'n' Drop.

To create each library, around thousand of phrases and licks of the highest musical and technical quality have been recorded by renowned studio musicians using the finest equipment. The samples have been recorded without effects or dynamic processing to leave complete freedom for the further editing process.

The first Melodyne Sound Libraries, 'Saxophone', 'Bass' and 'Guitar' will probably be available at the end of April together with Melodyne cre8/studio 3.1 and cost 139 euros (US$159) from music dealers and the Celemony web shop. The libraries 'The Voice 1 and 2' and 'Horn Section' will follow in early summer.