MuTools - LUNA (Pc/Mac)

LUNA (previously developped under the name Muton) is very close to release!

LUNA is an ultra-light music studio with these main features:

* Audio Recording & Playback
* MIDI Recording & Playback
* Composition & Sequence Editing
* Effect & Instrument VST Plugins
* Powerful Audio Mixing Desk
* Audio Engine using 32 bit floats, almost any samplerate
* Sample accurate sequencing
* Multi Undo/Redo
* Running on OSX (Core Audio) & Windows (ASIO)

We're currently tweaking the last things, and building the documentation.

Soon the web shop will open, where you can get your LUNA Unlimited User License.

LUNA Unlimited will cost 39 EUR, around 49 USD.

There will also be LUNA Free, a limited but fully functional and useful alternative! (details about the differences between the Unlimited and the Free version coming one of these days)