Psycle v1.8.2 (Pc/Free)

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PSYCLE is a free OpenSource Music Production Studio
that offers unlimited (opinions may vary) possibilites
for creating your own music in a professional way.

PSYCLE has an Old-School Tracker interface, but it
supports VST Plugins and VST Instruments in addition
to samples, to let your wildest music ideas come true.

Here some facts about Psycle:

- 64Tracks Pattern Editor
- Internal Stereo Sampler unit, that supports high quality
stereo .wav files and .iff samples as well (more formats will eventually come)
- 20+ Native Plugins (Generators & effects), with open API for third party plugins.
- VST + VSTi Host (still limited but most plugins will work fine)
- Internal .wav output
- Configurable Keyboard Layout
- .fxb loading for VST's
- Midi-In Support

and much much more...

If you need help starting with Psycle, please, check the "Docs" section at
Psycledelics site (official Psycle Users Site) (See the links at the bottom of this document)

Psycle supports VST1.0 and VST2.0 plugins, but not completely (Some plugins will not work)
Plans for supporting DXi are there, but it's not a primary work.


* Fix for the Message window appearing in the background sometimes.
* Added Extended commands for machine mute and bypass.
* Fixed a compatibility problem opening files for read.
* Fixed a bug introduced in 1.8.1 that deleted the instrument when there was an mcm command.
* Arrows in the generators combobox didn't cycle correctly when reaching end.
* Added customizable 3D arrows in machine view.
* Fixed a possible hang bug in note duplicator.
* Fixed a quite rare bug where Psycle would crash loading a sample from a song.