Rekliner Records - Loopy Llama v0.9.1b (Pc/Free)

From the homepage:
It's a looper... Made to emulate the Jam Man or DL-4 - but also generate a click track so it could be used with a drummer live. It is designed to work with Plogue Bidule for live performance, but is useful as a regular VST plugin in hosts like Ableton Live or Cubase..

The idea came after seeing a few Joseph Arthur and Howie Day shows...the things those guys can do with looping was facinating to me. But as they both gained popularity they played with full bands and left their experiments with looping behind them....there was no way for them to start a loop and have the drummer stay in time. 2 years later I finished the Loopy Llama. I've used it with drummers, but mostly for solo acoustic and vocal looping and as an interesting reverse effect for recordings.

It performs just like many looper hardware units on the market, but with a maximum loop time of 60 seconds. Experienced loopers will recognize "endpoints" mode - where you hit the record button to start recording, and again at the end of the loop. Alternatively, you determine the tempo before you play by synching it to the host, by typing it, or by tapping it in with a mouse, keyboard, or any MIDI foot controller. If you are recording, hitting "Clear" once will "undo" what you just played for one pass of a loop - so if you hit a wrong note you don't have to start over. If it's not recording or you hit the Clear button twice it will completely clear the loop.


* Fixed: endpoints mode was causing crashes.
* The "progress bar" indicator thingy now stays blank for the first pass through a loop rather than get really tiny.