reViSiT v0.88 - (Pc/Free)

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Tracking is a method for computer music almost as mature and time-honoured as MIDI. Sometimes better, sometimes not so - always different.
Tracking has to date been the remit of dedicated underground [freeware] software called "Trackers", particular examples of which (eg. Fast Tracker, Impulse Tracker) have almost acrued cult-status with multi-million strong user-bases. The integration of the Tracker architecture (notably its User Interface*) in sequencer software, will bring the best of both worlds to the composer.

Sequenced and "tracked" music will be feasible within a single work. Composers can rely on the MIDI support and score facility of sequencers and/or turn to reViSiT for finer control of their music and audio.

The net result of a tracker, like all music applications, is audio. However, depsite the name, trackers should be likened to a software-sampler rather than a multi-track recorder. Inside a sequencer, reViSiT users will have full run of the hosts facilities in this department.

Though "tracked" music has often been combined with video, no freely-available software exists to this end. reViSiT will be able to use any such facilities in the host sequencer.

* The reViSiT interface is based on that of Impulse Tracker II, a development of Scream Tracker III.

v0.88 [ADD] Full Impulse Tracker 2 file support.
(patterns, samples, instruments, etc.
including IT 2.15 compression support).
[ADD] Panning & Volume Envelopes.
[ADD] Pitch Envelopes* (*unfinished).
[ADD] Higher Graphics Priority option.
[ADD] Home/End keys for Order List.
[ADD] +++ Marker supported in Order List.
[ADD] === End of Song Marker added to Order List.
(reViSiT will not compute/play after this marker)
[ADD] Always On Top keyboard switch (Ctrl-Alt-T)
[ADD] Bring Editor to Top keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-R
- only works in Manual Keyboard Mode)
[MOD] Audio performance improvements.
[MOD] Graphics performance improvements.
[MOD] Advanced Sync performance improved.
[MOD] Improved parameter noise filter.
[MOD] Improved MIDI stop behaviour (F8 - Stop Notes,
F8 x 2 - MIDI Reset).
[MOD] Resize / Window Controls now available while
editor pages active.
[MOD] Editor window now grayed out when inactive.
[MOD] Always On Top status saved with preferences.
[MOD] Pattern redraws behind editor pages as needed.
[MOD] Toolbar interaction brings editor to top
[FIX] Minor Memory leaks plugged.
[FIX] High CPU load when Host plays with no Order List.
[FIX] Sample/Instrument auditioning bug fixed
[FIX] Triggering empty samples no longer crashes
[FIX] Mouse causing crash when used on keyMap