Rob Papen - BLUE v1.5 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

Following the huge success of Albino, Rob Papen has teamed up with music software developer Jon Ayres to bring you his latest cross-fusion virtual synthesizer BLUE.

This fresh new synth delivers FM Synthesis, Phase Distortion Synthesis, Wave Shaping Synthesis and Subtractive Synthesis is one creative combination!

BLUE has six oscillators which can be connected in various ways, two analogue style modelled stereo filters, an enormous range of processing and modulation options, sequencer and an incredibly powerful arpeggiator, all brought together with the inspirational Rob Papen presets covering a wide range of musical styles.
Despite these heavy features, BLUE is so easy-to-use thanks to its user interface and the innovative 'easy edit' page for quick sound changes!

BLUE 1.5 is now released with an unique and powerfull arpeggiator, 5 new FX's, 5 HipHop/RnB banks, 3 DnB Session banks (with Sola of Giana-Brotherz) and many other new presets.


* Arpeggiator: 32 step arpeggiator, with sequencer, seq length, speed adjust, slide amount, swing amount and step length control. Each step has On/off, Slide on/off, Reset, -32/+32 Semitone, Step length, Velocity, and Free modulation. Clear, load and save functions to exchange arpeggiators in between presets.
* New FX: Gator, Speaker Simulator, Wah/Delay, Chorus/Delay and Waveshaper.
* Responds to MIDI program change and MIDI bank select.
* CPU usage 30% less (Windows version).
* Intel-Mac compatible.
* New presets: Lots of new presets including 3 DnB session banks with Sola of Giana-Brotherz.