Steinberg - HALion Symphonic Orchestra (Pc/Mac)

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HALion Symphonic Orchestra - Acoustic Orchestral Instruments

HALion Symphonic Orchestra puts the awesome emotive power and sheer sonic majesty of a full symphonic orchestra under your total control. Evocative scores, exquisite arrangements, emotive accompaniments: HSO is the ideal, cost effective symphonic instrument for composition, production and pre-production in music, TV and film scoring and game sound.

The luxuriously extensive content provided on three double layer DVDs spans over 1200 instruments recorded in the very highest fidelity using top-of-the-range equipment. Capturing every nuance and detail of a full palette and dynamic range of strings, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments, the massive 27GB library includes an almost inexhaustible range of articulations and expressive playing techniques. And because the vast HSO library is uniquely versatile, HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds just as great in an RnB production as in a baroque chamber piece.
Feature Highlights:

* Complete symphonic orchestra with breathtakingly authentic strings, brass, woodwind and percussion
* 1250 instrument patches and combis in 27GB of samples
* Extraordinarily expressive with full dynamic range covering all common articulations of each instrument
* Richly detailed and perfectly balanced sound with adjustable real recorded ambience
* Extremely versatile for all styles from baroque to RnB and everything in between
* Outstanding playability and instant access to all the most important parameters
* Efficient use of system resources with state of the art HALion sampling technology
* Cross platform (Mac/PC)
* Supports VST, AU, DXi, ReWire as well as stand alone mode

Exceptional Quantity....

HSO offers over 15000 Samples, each in both 16-bit and 24-bit versions (27 GB total), and organized in more than 45 groups and 1250 programs of solo, tutti and ensemble instrument sounds in various playing styles and articulations. The wide selection of playing techniques allows full control over a range of articulations including crescendo, decrescendo, accents, half and whole tone thrills, bowing, portamento, pizzicato, expressivo by using innovatively programmed facilities like key-switches, crossfades among others.

... in exceptional Quality

The content for HALion Symphonic Orchestra was painstakingly recorded in 24-bit using top-grade equipment to ensure the highest sonic fidelity, and was performed by one of Europe’s leading orchestras under the direction of Claudius Brüse (see below for a full biography). HALion Symphonic Orchestra provides a full, richly detailed orchestra with its full range of vibrant, evocative sounds, instruments and textures. The wealth of recording expertise of Claudius’ team is reflected in the accuracy of the reproduction of these exquisite instruments with a breathtaking transparency – right down to the finest detail. Thanks to its outstanding sound quality, realism and expressiveness, HALion Symphonic Orchestra is the virtual instrument of choice if you want maximum orchestral output with a single computer system.

Maximum Usability …

Keeping the instrument easy to use was a top priority throughout the HALion Symphonic Orchestra development process. It puts all the important playing techniques and articulations at the user’s disposal without overwhelming with too many parameters and options. All of the 1250 programs are clearly organized in detailed categories and make finding the right sound as easy as possible thanks to the well thought-out library structure and the ability to access any sound within a maximum of 2 mouse clicks.
… and flexible control

The single-window interface lets users tweak their sounds quickly and intuitively. Each program features 8 predefined Sound Edit knobs which offer control over the most important sound shaping parameters like the “Body” & “Air” controls to easily add warmth, presence and richness. Key-switching allows for quick and easy changing of articulations in real-time by using specially assigned keys below the usual playing range. This way the user can avoid cumbersome operations required in other orchestral libraries such as having to load different articulation programs across several MIDI channels and setting up complicated keyboard splits for being able to trigger them. A range of flexible tools such as the definable crescendo Controller, the key-switches, crossfades and cross-switches make this instrument as expressive as it is joyful to use.

Low resource use

The advanced disk-streaming mode and efficient CPU performance both help the composer to effectively focus on composing rather than technology. Under the hood, HALion Symphonic Orchestra is highly optimized for exceedingly efficient computer resource use. The included special “Economy” versions of many programs can further reduce demands on the computer’s resources, freeing up power for other processing tasks. In addition to the immaculate 24-bit sound set, every single sample and program is included as 16-bit variant for ultimate user flexibility and choice between computer performance and highest audio fidelity
RAMSave™ support

HALion Symphonic Orchestra includes Steinberg’s RAMSave™ technology, first seen in Steinberg’s HALion 3 virtual sampler. It allows for highly efficient use of the host computer’s RAM. RAMSave™ allows the “freezing” of the instrument and automatic unloading of unneeded samples from memory, resulting in low RAM usage and faster project load and save times.

The RealAmbience feature offers true recorded ambience that can be perfectly blended into any mix or production. Using no artificial reverb, RealAmbience builds an extraordinarily convincing concert hall environment with fully adjustable ambience time and wet/dry balance.

HSO connects to everything

HALion Symphonic Orchestra supports all major plug-in formats such as VST, DXi, and AU. ReWire support offers easy integration into Pro Tools®. Also included is a multi-out capable standalone version for using HSO without a host application.

HALion Symphonic Orchestra suits almost any musical style from classical to contemporary and captures the full emotive power of an entire orchestra, making it a fascinatingly rich and versatile orchestral library, one that sounds just as powerful and emotive in the context of a movie as in a dance music production. While the huge HSO library has been painstakingly constructed to form a uniquely playable virtual orchestra, the individual sounds can also be quickly adjusted to let them sit even better in a mix. Individual sections blend perfectly to create that silky, crystal clear and detailed sound that only a top orchestra can produce. See below in the “Program Reference” for the entire exhaustive list of Programs and their variations in HALion Symphonic Orchestra.


Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements state the minimal specification your computer must have to be able to use the software. A more powerful system may be required for certain tasks or larger projects. You can find more information about computer system specification and setup here.

* Mac OS X v10.4
* Power Mac G5 2 GHz minimum
* 1 GB RAM
* 17 GB free HD space
* DVD drive required for installation
* CoreAudio compatible audio hardware is required
* Steinberg Key (copy protection device) and USB port required*
* Internet connection required for license activation
* For usage as plug-in, a VST (VST 2.3 or higher) or AU compatible host is required (AU hosting is compatible with Logic 7.1.1). For usage as Rewire slave device, a Rewire compatible host is required.

* Windows XP Home or XP Professional
* Intel / AMD Prozessor 2 GHz minimum
* 1 GB RAM
* 17 GB free HD space
* DVD drive required for installation
* Windows MME compatible audio hardware is required (ASIO compatible audio hardware required for low latency operation).
* Steinberg Key (copy protection device) and USB port required*
* Internet connection required for license activation
* For usage as plug-in, a VST (VST 2.3 or higher) or DXi2 compatible host is required. For usage as Rewire slave device, a Rewire compatible host is required.

*The Steinberg Key (USB copy protection device) required to run this product is not included. Customers who do not own a Steinberg Key must purchase one separately. The same Steinberg Key copy protection device is then used for all Steinberg products that require it.

HALion Symphonic Orchestra will be available in Q2 2006.