Teragon Audio - Convolver v1.0 (Pc/Mac/Free)

Convolver is a plugin for doing realtime convolution using impulse responses from the user's hard drive. Convolution is the process of combining two signals to produce a third signal, which reflects their co2mbined frequencies.


* Can read aiff, wav, and a number of other impulse response formats (see manual for supported formats)
* Hi/Lowpass filtering applied directly to impulse response before convolution
* Wet/Dry mix control
* Gain adjustment to compensate for frequency boosts or cuts
* Can save and load preset files for easy loading later
* Convenient LCD panel displays information about currently loaded file


* Mac OSX 10.2 or greater, G4/G5 processor 1Ghz or faster
* Windows 2000 or XP, Intel Pentium class processor (or equivalent), 1.5Ghz or faster
* 512Mb RAM
* A VST-compatible host.
* Some impulse responses to load into the plugin.

Enhancements since beta 4:

* Filebrowser now displays files that are too large with red icons.
* Added wet/dry mix.

Bugfixes since beta 4:

* Harsh clicking from changing IR's removed.
* Filters no longer click when changing values.
* Hi/Lowpass filters no longer reset each other.
* Minor filebrowser bugfixes for Mac.
* Filebrowser can now span multiple drives on Windows.
* Scrolling bugfixes that caused crashes in windows resolved (officially packaged in v1b4 release).
* Mac OSX can now see top level directory.
* Greatly improved filtering algorithm.